Your chances of getting laid through Craigslist: A Bloggasm case study

Premise: I was surfing through the job listings at Craigslist, and inevitably wandered my way into the personals section, and became instantly fascinated with all the posts. I eventually made my way into the “Sex with no strings attached” section, and immediately wondered: Could this be real? Is it really this easy to get laid by simply logging in and making a post, when so many other people out there have to struggle to get laid the normal way? It didn’t take long to realize that for every female who posted, there were anywhere from ten to twenty males posting, and several of the posts mentioned that half the girls who posted were just spammers, which led me to believe that the ratio was even greater than that. So with this curiosity in mind, I set out to find out how hard it was to get laid using Craigslist, or rather, how many people actually responded to the “No strings attached” ads.

Methods of experimentation: I picked three cities: New York, Chicago, and Houston, and posted ads to each city, using different email addresses for each ad. For each city I posted four ads: One pretending to be a straight female looking for sex with a male, another one as a straight male looking for sex with a female, another as a bicurious male looking for sex with another male, and one as a bisexual female looking for sex with another female. I said basically the same thing in each ad and didn’t include a pic or much personal information, except that I had just moved into the city. I then sat back and let the emails build up in the inbox, and then went through every single one to assess the results, which are as follows.

Results: Here are the stats on how many people responded to each person.

New York:

Straight female looking to have sex with a male: 165 responses

Straight male looking to have sex with a female: 0 responses

Bi-curious male looking to have sex with a male: 9 responses

Bisexual female looking to have sex with a female: 2 responses


Straight female looking to have sex with a male: 200 responses

Straight male looking to have sex with a female: 0 responses

Bi-curious male looking to have sex with a male: 6 responses

Bisexual female looking to have sex with a female: 2 responses


Straight female looking to have sex with a male: 54 responses

Straight male looking to have sex with a female: 1 response

Bi-curious male looking to have sex with a male: 10 responses

Bisexual female looking to have sex with a female: 1 response

Interesting observations:

1. For the New York and Chicago postings where I pretended to be a straight female looking for a male, I had over twenty emails after only three or four minutes of posting. The rate of emails slowed down as the day went on when the post got pushed further and further down on the page.

2. I was overwhelmed with how many straight males simply included pictures of their penises and nothing else. Were they really expecting that a girl would see a picture of their penis and exclaim “That’s the guy for me!?

3. Some men wrote really short, one-lined notes, while others gave entire biographies of themselves. One guy included a 2,000-word erotica short story to “get [her] in the mood.

4. Many men included their full name and face pics, and it wasn’t hard to find most of them using Google.

5. Two of the men who responded were aides to Congressmen and bragged about it in their emails. Other people told me their professions.

6. Several men admitted that they were married or in a relationship and were looking to cheat on their significant others.

7. Home phone numbers were often included in the emails.

8. Some men tried to impress the girl with how witty they were, I guess as an attempt to stand out in the crowd.

9. If you haven’t gotten the point yet, most of the people gave away an ungodly amount of personal info away to an anonymous person on the internet.

10. The post from the straight male looking for a female got spammed the most by people trying to advertise their dating websites and webcams.

11. Many of the people who answered the ad for the bi-curious man claimed to be straight, which means that a lot of bi-curious males are surfing through craigslist to have their first experiences.

12. Most the responders were between twenty and forty years-old.


1.The first thing that always came to my mind was the fact that if a really malicious person wanted to get on craigslist and ruin a lot of people’s lives, he easily could. I had so much personal information and so many pictures of so many people, that I could have posted their names and pictures alongside their messages online somewhere and have their most treasured secrets available to anyone who google searched their names.

2. It’s almost impossible for a straight male to find anonymous sex through craigslist. At least when he has a post that doesn’t include his picture. Out of all the ads put out by straight males, there was only one woman who responded. Also, whenever you respond to a female’s ad, you are normally competing with anywhere from 100 to 200 other males.

3. Lesbian/bi females, gay/bi males, and straight females should have no problem getting laid through craigslist.

4. My advice for straight males is to perhaps try answering ads in other personal sections, including the “friends-only” section and the “relationship” section. Many of the female ads there indicated they were only interested in light dating, not a serious relationship, so my guess is that a few of those people could lead to some casual sex after a date or two. This based purely on speculation. But as a side experiment, I filled out a few ads pretending to be a straight female inside the “dating” section, and they got far fewer responders than in the “no strings attached section,” meaning a lot less competition. In my limited experience, girls are just as horny as men, they’re just less likely to meet anonymously some stranger they’ve never met so they can have sex.

5. Or here’s even better advice for straight males: don’t get laid through craigslist. I’m all for the internet and the doors it opens, but c’mon, guys have managed to get laid for thousands of years, and so have our evolutionary ancestors. It won’t kill you to actually put some effort into the task at hand and actually meet people on your own. There were times when I really felt ashamed to be a straight male. I mean, I can understand the allure of the whole thing, but there’s nothing like staring at 200 emails from horny men that allows you to understand how dismal the male gender really is. This must be why so many males think that honking your horn at a lady while you’re flying by her at thirty miles an hour is a legitimate way of hitting on her.

Flaws in my experiment:

1. This experiment didn’t really measure how hard it is to get laid through craigslist, only how hard it is to get people to respond to you. Getting them to meet you is probably another battle on its own.

2. I didn’t exactly create a representative sample: Houston, Chicago, and New York. All three are major cities, and the results might have been slightly different if I’d posted in less-crowded areas from different parts of the country. But I only gave myself a week to put this together, and between creating all the different email addresses, and then all the different personal ads, and then collecting and sifting through all the data, it was very time consuming and I only had time for three cities.

Final notes: Thanks to everyone who unknowingly participated. I’m sorry that I wasn’t the person who I pretended to be and you were a guinea pig for my experiment. If anything, hopefully you’re now more aware of the situation and can use the results from this experiment to increase your chances of getting laid through craigslist. Be sure to tune in next Friday for a new Bloggasm case study.

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