Tweets coming out of Iran are retweeted an average of 57.8 times

Like millions of others, I’ve been fascinated with the live tweeting that has been emanating from the citizens in Iran. Many have flocked to the streets to protest and are using hashtags to record their experiences, and many outside of Iran have begun to retweet their accounts.

But if an Iranian protester tweets his experience, how many retweets should he expect to get?

To test this, I picked 100 tweets at random that were coming from Twitter users that claimed they were in Iran. I only used tweets that were using one of the many standard hashtags and only included tweets that had been published sometime today (Saturday). I then used and plugged each one of these tweets into the engine, counting up how many users retweeted it.

Out of the 100 random tweets, each one was retweeted an average of 57.8 times. The tweet that received the highest volume of retweets had 311 retweets. The smallest had only 6 retweets. Most of the tweets I found had between 30 and 50 retweets.

Of course this was done during normal Eastern Time hours, so it may be that the volume fluctuates throughout the day. But it does show that a single tweet coming out of Iran can be seen by a massive volume of Twitter users fairly easily.