This presidential election is about to reach a new level of ugly

A PR person just emailed me this new anti-Obama ad that’s supposedly going to start running in swing states from a group that calls itself Our Country Deserves Better PAC. It looks like the Republicans have decided that Clinton voters are a key weakness for the candidate and they’re going to try to twist the knife as much as possible.

The dumbest quote from the ad: “He says he’ll play nicey nice with Islamic militants who want to kill Americans at home and abroad.” Much of what the woman in the ad says are recycled Republican talking points that wore thin 6 months ago (Rezco, Obama is an Islamoterrorist, flip flopper), but the Clinton footage certainly packs a punch.

Of course there is no shortage of prominent Republicans that have said bad things about McCain; Will Democrats start running audio footage of James Dobson bashing McCain in order to chip away at his Christian base?

One Comment

  1. rowan Says:

    when will any of the ads direct themselves towards the issues facing this country, such as healthcare, education, mideast war, economy, etc.

    both sides need to cut the freaking smear campaigns and give me a reason to vote for a candidate. at this juncture neither of the major party candidates is receiving my vote.

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