7 things you’d believe about Obama if you only read right wing blogs

Let’s pretend for just a moment that for the past few weeks, right wing blogs were the only media outlets that you had access to. In other words, all your news consumption flows directly through what is written by conservative bloggers. These are some of the things that you would believe about Obama (these for the most part came from the more well-known conservative blogs, not fringe unknowns):

1. Obama didn’t actually write his memoir. In fact it was ghost written by none other than Bill Ayers.

2. A major story is going to break any day now that Obama had a girlfriend and that his wife found out about the affair and forced her to move to the Caribbean.

3. Barack Obama doesn’t like being referred to by his first and last name. In fact he prefers that you just use his first initial and call him B. Hussein Obama.

4. Obama was not born in the United States, his birth certificate has been forged.

5. Barack Obama had an underage, gay affair with a pedophile.

6. There is a direct correlation/causation between Obama’s rising poll numbers and the fall of the stock market, and there are graphs to prove it.

7. Because of liberal hatred, it is now justifiable to “fight fire with fire” by photoshopping a picture of Obama’s face next to a noose and the word “asphyxiation.”

I’m pretty sure that all the things listed above (except the last one) were promoted in some form or fashion by at least one conservative blog with 40,000 hits a day or more.


  1. Melanie Says:

    “and there are graphs to prove it”


  2. Kristi Mitchell Says:

    Oh yeah, and where are your FACTS??? Im very interested in reading facts- something that Im sure you dont have- reliable ones that is

  3. rowan Says:

    ::looks at the prior comment and thinks the person didn’t read and comprehend the message of this post unless she is directing her comment to the conservative blogger whence said statements originated

    simon is pointing out that there are statements out there which are not factual, but are being presented as such.

  4. rflay Says:

    Don’t foget that you are racist if you DO NOT vote for Obama

  5. Gus Says:

    You forgot that he got blown by a crack-smoking man-whore in a limo.

  6. YesBiscuit! Says:

    Somehow I don’t take Michelle for a “make the ho move to the Caribbean” type. More like: the GF was never seen again.

  7. Bloggasm » More on conservative blogger “investigative journalism” Says:

    [...] few days ago I published the seven things you’d believe about Obama if you only read right wing blogs. The modest conservative blogger Jon Swift has compiled a detailed account of all the various [...]

  8. Mark Says:

    rflay: I promise I won’t foget.

  9. SpaceTrucker Says:

    The white wing, err sorry, right wing media has Obama under such an intense degree of scrutiny i bet he’s afaid to ask for crackers in his soup.
    If only McCain and the “asses of evil” were held to the same standards.

  10. truthynesslover Says:

    Powerline has had some of the most disgusting racist hateful comments and grafics imaginable{although I find it amusing they have to go there}.I noticed in the past weeks theve been “cleaning their pages”much to the dismay of the tin foil hat fringe that generate that drivel!you should check it out!I only wish i were more computer savy OR i could have pasted some of the images on decent thinking websites!DRAT!!

  11. Saskboy Says:

    It’s really unfortunate that conservative bloggers are the new tabloid. Worse… they are free to read. The amount of hits they get pretty much make me nauseous.

  12. Sisyphus Says:

    I have only seen items #1 and 4, both of which are a lot more credible than you make them appear.

    It’s considered intellectually honest to explain why such stories like these are so woefully wrong. I realize this would require thought and time on your part.

    Since you deem these stories ridiculous, was it necessary to write about them?

    Nor have you bothered mentioning the Stalinist behavior of the mainstream media. Indeed, atleast part of the reason why stories like these proliferate is because nothing more credible has been discussed. The newsmedia in America has behaved with a mafia mentality going to great lengths to protect it’s preferred candidate, abusing its power daily even at its own risk.

    Also, it’s helpful to provide links, unless you think that your readers find your credibility unimpeachable.

  13. Simon Says:

    Sisyphus, you suffer from the delusional hyperbolic paranoia that runs deep within conservative circles; the paranoia in which your world view could not exist unless you first convince yourself that the monolithic Media and just about every other institution from science to academia is masking the world through a lens of socialist bias.

    Your assertion that #1 and 4 are “credible,” followed with your demand for me to prove a negative, leads me to issue you this request:

    Prove to me that you’re not a pedophile.

    See how easy it is to make an accusation and then demand proof in the absence of evidence? That I or the media should be “intellectually honest” and disprove every batshit crazy thing the clown car of conservative bloggers comes up with makes me wear the badge of Elitism with pride. Forgive me if I’m too good to lower myself to your level.

  14. lew Says:

    http://jonswift.blogspot.com/2008/10/great-moments-in-election-year-blogging.html is a more in depth version of this with those sources sisyphus. Also . . .your an idiot if you find ANY of the above credible

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