Talk about stealing my thunder: More developments on the AP story

Wow, at almost the exact same time that I published my article on the AP takedowns, the New York Times posts an article with similar subject matter. There’s only one major difference between the two articles, and that’s because the AP actually responded to the New York Times’ questions; go figure.

It turns out that the news wire service is radically overhauling its copyright rules because of this incident. Since the NY Times hit the web the story has exploded in the blogosphere. Some huge bloggers are calling for an all-out ban on quoting and linking AP stories. Seems ambitious and highly implausible.

I guess we’ll see if my article gets thrown under the rug during all this coverage. I guess I should have published it on Friday when I completed the interview rather than waiting until last night, but I had no idea things would develop this quickly.

One Comment

  1. Megan Says:

    An all-out ban would be difficult to maintain. It’s a symbolic gesture, nothing more.

    My favourite part so far is that AP has issued a statement that they apparently hope will be re-posted on many blogs in its entirety.

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