Some weekend links

Some assorted media and journalism links for your amusement:

1.This legal case has some people worried that foreign governments with oppressive free speech laws will be able to successfully sue US bloggers for libel.

2. Reasonable conservative Jon Swift has a round-up of the best blog posts of 2007, as chosen by bloggers.

3. Is looking for a big media buy-out?

4. The New York Times found the wrong candidate to piss off by publishing factually incorrect information.

4. CNN, Yahoo, and MSNBC duke it out for most popular news website.

5. I’ve seen this ad system used before with American blogs, and believe me, it just pisses readers off.

6. Polls continue to show that people distrust the media. However, when you poll them on specific newspapers or news organizations, their opinions become more positive, which simply means that Republicans have been successful in attaching a negative connotation to the word “media.”

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