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Because I find such things interesting, every now and then I’ll check the job listings over at Pro Blogger so I can get a feel for the paid blogging industry. I mean, what better way to gauge how close we are to having those outside of the elite “A List” make a living blogging? How long until a journalism grad has just as much a chance of getting a full-time blogging position as being a reporter for a newspaper?

Well while I was over there today I came across a post titled “Applying for a Blogger Job? Treat it Seriously,” written by none other than the pro blogger himself, Darren Rowse.

“Today I received an email from one of the advertisers on the ProBlogger Job Boards,” he wrote. “They reflected back to me that they’d had a lot of ‘low quality’ job applications and made some suggestions for those looking to apply for a blogger job.”

A lot of low quality applications? How could this be? I mean, just look at these quotes from five pro blogger job listings that I picked at random:

1. IF WE GET PAID, YOU GET PAID MORE: Yep, it’s true, once you start getting traffic you’ll notice that you’re actually making some money from the various ad networks(AdSense, Kontera, etc.) that you add to your HubPages account. The cool thing is that you will make 60% or all generated ad revenue and we’ll make our 40% after that.

2. Writers start at $15 per article, with a $100 traffic bonus for the most popular article each month. You need to be able to contribute a minimum of 2 posts per month, but can contribute up to 2 posts a week if you have the time and enough funny stuff to say. [Simon: Two posts a week? You mean I can make as much as $30 a week????]

3. You can also write content 5 dollars and up per article if accepted. We pay a (5.00 referral fee) fee per blog so if You have another blog promote you can program and receive 5.00 per member If your tired of networks that don’t share the Revenue.Come over today and triple your earnings. Free shirt when you open a free account on

4. We pay anywhere between $5 – $75 a post depending on your experience writing, access to sources and breaking news, viral exposure (digg front page, news sources, etc) and length or post. We take pride in paying our writers on a weekly basis.

5. For starters, remuneration will be in the form of Google Adsense sharing with bonuses for exemplary performance. As the site builds up and advertising revenues increase, other reward options will be made available. This is a fresh new site.

Looks like you’ll have just as much a chance of becoming a full-time blogger as you’d have becoming a full-time poet or making a living participating in a pyramid scheme.

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  1. Stephen Ward Says:

    I don’t think I’d have as much of a problem with such listings if they said something like, “Looking to get started in professional blogging?” or “Looking to build your portfolio?” At least then you get the impression that it’s entry-level work in the field.

    Personally, I feel like you’ve made it as a blogger when you have no problem turning down potentially lucrative opportunities. I turned down a $50/post offer last month because it’s below what my writing is worth. I know that because I’m commanding twice that much elsewhere.

    Knowing what you’re worth as a writer can be empowering. These listings are for beginners without the experience to realize the value of their content.

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