Rather than listening to its critics, president of company threatens blogger with libel lawsuit

Almost two years ago, frequent bloggasm reader Stephen Ward wrote a blog post about his terrible experience dealing with a company called Tiny Details. It wasn’t long before the post showed up on Google and ranked rather highly. Since posting it, he’s had a number of strangers show up in his comments thread thanking him for the post and saying it deterred them from doing business with the company.

Well, it took him long enough, but the president of the company finally did a Google search and found the post. Did he try to address the problems? Of course not, instead he emailed Stephen and threatened a libel lawsuit:

I am writing about the substantively incorrect postings that you have on your

I am asking that you remove this point immediately. Your representation of
Tiny Details is inacurate and libelous.

I have forwarded this information to our company attorney, along with your
domain registration information.

Please govern yourself accordingly.

Kristopher Buchan
Tiny Details, LLC

And then after Stephen wrote a quick response asking the company owner to point out which statements were libelous, he responded with this:

Mr. Ward,

You will be hearing from our attorney.

What you have posted is indeed libel.

I am in the process of seeking your address through your domain registrating information. You will be hearing from us shortly.

Kristopher Buchan

Big no-no, Mr. Buchan. If you’ll look in the revised 21st century PR handbook, it says to never send angry emails to bloggers and expect them not to post them. Actions like that tend to come back and bite you in the ass.

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  1. Gabriel Says:

    This guy needs a curse in PR. The only way to fight bloggers is through…blogging. Fighting fire with fire–if you will–is the only way to really ram a blogger on the head.

    I’ve seen this before when Sony PR went after Kotaku.com. Of course, in the end Kotaku never stood down. They posted the e-mails that were being exchanged back and forth to Sony PR and it ended up irritating Kotaku’s following and a bit of Sony’s fans against Sony. They ended up kissing and making up afterwards, though.

    If the company really wanted to fight dirty and more effectively, they’d sneak a wad of cash under the table to some hot-shot writer to write about stuff against the other blogger’s posts. That’s just my thought, though.

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