Publisher of Consumer Reports buys Gawker Media’s Consumerist

Haha, this is rich. Consumers Union, the non-profit publisher of one of the only publications succeeding with online subscriptions (Consumer Reports), has purchased from Gawker Media.

It’s an odd pair, considering that up until now Consumerist has made all its money on advertising and Consumer Reports doesn’t sell advertising. Does that mean that Consumerist will be some kind of loss leader to attract eyeballs? And the publisher claims it won’t fiddle with Consumerist’s editorial content, but given that Consumerist regularly publishes claims from consumers without much fact checking or seeking comment from the companies in question (I know, because they’ve published stuff I’ve sent them twice), I wonder whether Consumer Reports editors are worried about a tarnished image.

One Comment

  1. Robert Nagle Says:

    I found it equally hilarious too. Actually, though, they should have bought consumer search which in my mind is better online than either of them.

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