Harriet Klausner: the publishing industry’s secret weapon?

“This is an exhilarating outer space opera that never slows down especially during the latter quarter of the action-packed story line,” the book review states. “That climax is one of the longest most exciting cat and mouse chase scenes in recent years.”

The review is of Ragamuffin, a speculative fiction novel by Tobias Buckell published by Tor Books. The writer of the review is Harriet Klausner, Amazon’s most prolific …

Joe Wilson’s opponent raises $41,000 on ActBlue within hours of Obama’s speech

UPDATE: I now have the official fundraising numbers for how much has been brought in since last night.

“You lie!”

The words were shouted during Obama’s healthcare speech by South Carolina Congressman Joe Wilson, and progressives were not happy with the disrespect his words showed toward the presidential office.

So they took action, with literally thousands of twitter users linking to the Act Blue fundraising page for Joe Wilson’s opponent, …

Readership of major liberal blogs declined in 2007 while conservative blog readership increased

It has long been understood that the largest liberal blogs have generally producedmore web traffic than the largest conservative blogs. But I have noticed a general trend over the past few months that I didn’t want to write about until the end of the year. After surveying the traffic stats of many major political blogs, I found that web traffic for several major liberal blogs either declined sharply or

Why won’t NPR’s ombud speak to Salon’s Glenn Greenwald?

alicia shepard nprSalon blogger Glenn Greenwald has rarely been one to avoid responding directly to his right wing critics. He’s been on Hugh Hewitt’s radio show on multiple occasions and has even appeared on Michael Savage’s show. As an opinionated pundit, he believes that people like him should be willing to face off with others in public forums that are not always friendly to their views, and he finds those that avoid …

44% of newspapers wouldn’t allow staff writers to blog during free time without prior approval

According to a survey I recently conducted, approximately 44% of newspaper editors and publishers wouldn’t allow their staff writers to maintain personal blogs without prior approval.

To complete the survey, I sent emails to editors and publishers of 250 newspapers — five for each state — containing this question:

Question: Would you allow your staff writers, without prior approval, to blog during their free time after work as long as

How much traffic will a prominent link on Huffington Post bring?

huffington post google trendsIn recent months, news aggregators like the Huffington Post have received heated criticism from some who believe they’re stealing valuable traffic and ad revenue from newspapers. Appeals court Judge Richard Posner recently wrote awidely-linked post arguing that copyright law should be changed in order to bar linking to websites and paraphrasing their content. Some newspapers execs argue that news aggregators simply repackage news so there’s little incentive to click …

Conservatives outraged at Juan Williams’ NPR firing didn’t care when CNN correspondent met the same fate

“I will no longer accept interview requests from NPR as long as they are going to practice a form of censorship,” said former Arkansas governor and Fox News talk show host Mike Huckabee today. He was responding to the announcement that Fox News analyst Juan Williams had been let go from a similar role at NPR. The firing was a result of comments made by Williams on Bill O’Reilly’s show, …

The rise of the genre ezine: Will it ever find a profitable model?

If there is one major criticism to be made of the now-defunct online magazine Event Horizon, it’s that it was too ahead of its time.

Ellen Datlow, a former fiction editor for OMNI (a science magazine that was published under the same owner as Penthouse) and a veteran within the short fiction scene, collaborated with three former colleagues to launch the magazine in November 1998. It published …

Associated Press sends DMCA takedowns to blogger for short excerpts

The DMCA takedown requests Rogers Cadenhead found waiting for him in his inbox on June 10 were not the first he had received. They weren’t even the first sent to him by the Associated Press. This didn’t make Cadenhead, publisher of the Drudge Retort, any less shocked when he found out their targets.

drudge retort

DMCA takedowns — short for the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, passed in 1998 — are notifications …

Should a National Review writer have outed an anonymous blogger?

According to Ed Whelan, a lawyer and contributing blogger to the National Review Online, the pseudonymous blogger known until recently as just publishing began “biting at [his] ankles” a few months ago. Whelan initially started writing essays for NRO back in 2005 and was then encouraged to blog for the site about Supreme Court nominations. He continued to contribute there over the years and late last year also began blogging …