Myspace spokeswoman issues statement about International Delete Your Myspace Account Day

A few days ago, I declared January 30th International Delete Your Myspace Account Day.

Not long after it was posted, it got picked up and spread all the way from Digg to MSNBC’s website. Given this fact, I knew it was only a matter of time before Myspace took notice.

Today, in a news article on titled “Myspace signs deal to screen BBC show,” Rebekah Horne, vice president of Fox Interactive Media and MySpace in Australia and New Zealand, had this to say about the event:

One blogger has declared January 30th “International Delete Your MySpace Account Day”.

But MySpace doubts that this will have a great impact on their network.

“This Delete-Your-MySpace day is just about being controversial,” Ms Horne said.

“MySpace is still the biggest social networking site in the world.”

In the words of BBC comedian Catherine Tate, MySpace does not look bothered.

In other news, a journalist for a news wire service interviewed me today about the event — news has continued to spread about IDYMAD.