January 30th is International Delete Your Myspace Account Day

UPDATE: International Delete Your Myspace Account Day is finally here!

That’s it, I’ve had it. After months of only visiting my myspace profile in order to delete spam friend requests from half-nude women, I’ve reached the end of the line.

The other day I received an email from Myspace announcing something semi-relevant: “One of your friends is having a birthday this week.”

Intrigued for once, I actually opened the email to find out who was having a birthday, and was met with this:

myspace friend image

Visit Myspace to find out who? No, I’m not going to fucking visit Myspace to find out who, there’s absolutely no reason why I should have to visit the website, wait for it to load because of the excessive banner ads, and then log in just so I can find out who is having a birthday. If you’re going to take the time and energy to spam my inbox with the message, then you can tell me in the email itself whose birthday it is.

I’ve been thinking about deleting my Myspace account almost since the day I got it but always opted out of doing so because of the few friends I have who don’t have Facebook accounts. But by remaining on Myspace, I realize, I’m becoming an enabler. I’m giving those friends no reason to switch over from Myspace by giving them access to my Myspace profile.

But rather than deleting my account right away, I’m going to hold off until January 30th so that other people have time to join me. I’d love to see a large number of people delete their accounts all at once in order to send Myspace a message: your website sucks.

So, if you’re reading this and you’ve experienced any of the things on the list below, your account may be in need of deletion:

1. You rarely log in to Myspace except to delete spam friend requests from nude webcam girls.

2. You spend five minutes writing a wall post only to hit an error message when you try to post it because of all the website glitches.

3. You’re a girl who constantly gets marriage proposals from random men in the middle east.

4. You visit someone’s Myspace profile only to suddenly have music start blasting out of your speakers. Bonus points if it happens to you while you’re at work.

5. You have to make redundant clicks to perform simple tasks because Myspace keeps taking you to advertisement pages where you have to click on “return to myspace profile” in order to continue what you’re doing.

6. You visit someone’s profile only to have your eyes bleed because of terrible page layout with non-matching designs and font colors.

7. Your experience is hindered because of intrusive banner ads that either talk to you or try to reach out and block your view of what you’re trying to look at.

8. You read yet another news account about how some child predator using Myspace has abducted a little girl or that some hoax myspace account has caused a teenager to commit suicide.

9. You’re frustrated with the fact that Myspace doesn’t allow you to post your contact info, meaning to contact someone you can only use Myspace’s glitchy Instant Messenger, message/email system, or wall commenting.

10. You’re tired of seeing Tom stare out at you from millions of friends lists and just wish he would change his fucking profile picture.

Have any of these things happened to you? Well you’re the perfect candidate for Myspace deletion. Join me on Wednesday, January 30th by deleting your Myspace account. You won’t regret it!

UPDATE: A commenter was kind enough to create a facebook group devoted to International Delete Your Myspace Account Day.

UPDATE 2: A Myspace spokeswoman has responded to International Delete Your Myspace Account Day.

UPDATE 3: If any journalists or bloggers would like to interview me about International Delete Your Myspace Account Day, please email me at simon.bloggasm@gmail.com for additional contact info.


  1. Fox Says:

    Unfortunately, all of these have happened to me. I will be there with you on the 30th deleting my account!

  2. blizzardus Says:

    way to go,man!Thoase are all the reasons I never got(and probably never will) get a socail network account.I’d join you if i’d have one!Good luck with your quest,it makes me happy to see there are still peoples like you around:)

  3. Iva Says:

    Hey…saw your comment on Mira’s blog and I thought I’d pay you a visit. And I have a lot to add to your list.

    11) The front page of MySpace appears as an “Unknown error” 2-3 times a day.

    12) They list “pagan”, “wiccan” and other similar stuff as religions, while if you happen to be an Orthodox Christian, which is one of the largest divisions of Christianity, you have to select “Christian-Other”.

    …I think I’ll continue on my own site, feel free to have a look.

  4. Levi Figueira Says:

    haha I had the same thing happen! What kind of crap is MySpace to make you login just to see who’s birthday it is… lame!

    I’ll join you on this! I have a bunch of musician friends there, but I don’t care anymore… They can reach me in other ways…

    Count me in! ;)

  5. Tom Krieglstein Says:

    Hey Simon,

    I took your idea to the next level – For all interested folks – the movement has started. Here is the link to the Facebook event for International Delete Your Myspace Account Day > http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=8838384171

    Come in and make your commitment, share your story, or just hang out in the cool pool :)

    Message me on Facebook and I’ll make your an admin. See you on there.

  6. David Candreva Says:

    And i will delete my test account to i hate it that it doenst work in all browser platforms (FF2.0) for customizing your account, and this isn’t the only downside of MySpace i see! Keep on deleting on 30jan!

    MySpace take that ;)

  7. Nick Johnston Says:

    MySpace does seem to be lacking a decent interface, and maybe all those issues show something of the terrible social networking financial model used by MySpace and Facebook, among others.

    Also, MySpace still has 2007 in it’s Copyright footer notice…amateurs.

  8. berciXcore Says:

    well, ads can be filtered in firefox using adblock, flash song players using flashblock, tom can be deleted from your friends, email notifications can be turned off. page errors, well yes they do exist. sometimes they are disturbing.
    but hey, if you don’t even really use your account, why do you make a campaign for deleting it? it’s nonsense. :]
    well, and it’s potential in alternative music promotion is undeniable. that’s why i use it frequently.

    but it’s your choice of course. but no hype is needed.

  9. jordan Says:

    When is the delete your FB account page?

  10. Kray-Z Says:

    How about an International Delete Your FaceBook Account Day instead.
    Facebook is just the new MySpace. How about all those shitty applications and other mass amounts of crap you idiots feel you need to post to your facebook.

    Better yet, lets just get rid of social networking sites and let people reconnect in real life. Get off the damn computer, go outside, get that pasty skin a bit a of natural light, and stop hanging around a website waiting for people to update their status.

  11. Simon Says:

    Kray-Z, should we also get off your lawn?

  12. Leo of BORG Says:


    My favorite line coming from IRL friends is that they’re moving from SNS X -> Y because ‘the people are better’ or ‘it’s more mature’.. FaceSpace, MyBook, it’s all the bankrupcy of continual partial attention. Blur blur blur.

    If you can’t brand yourself [for some reason], what’s the point of being on these SNS’s?????

    So fine. You’re going to whack one line of spam and then go ‘SuperPoke’ your friends on the other??

    Okay then, off you go.

  13. Travis Says:

    Whats funny is most of the things he is talking about why he don’t like myspace. He can change that myspace has all the spam stuff added now so you don’t get any spam. All you have to do is go to your setting and in the last half year the spam has gone down anyways.

    About error messages I have not got one for like 2 months. Myspace has stop that from happening. And if facebook had all the people myspace does then it would have just as many error messages.

    About #4. You can turn music off so it doesn’t play

    #6 I hate facebook b/c it look so boring and old. People on myspace likes to do stuff with there pages. And most of them look good if they don’t its ok b/c its the person profile they should be able to do whatever they like to it.

    #9 You can do it there myspace doesn’t look at you page see if you have your email, aim and other stuff on it. I have never heard of myspace delete someone b/c of that. Most people don’t even know that you are not allow to.

    #10 He doesn’t change he picture b/c he doesn’t want people to know that its him in real life and he said it works most people don’t know that its him b/c he really doesn’t look like that anymore.

    In all everyone I know has myspace and in the last year myspace has added a lot of new stuff to make it even more better then facebook. And myspace has said there is more to come. :]]
    and facebook is getting bad with all the feeds and applications now.

  14. superwallofshit Says:

    Re. the “Delete your FB Account Day”… not sure how successful it’d be.

    The UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), is investigating Facebook’s data protection policies after complaints by users that they couldn’t fully delete their profile. This has been an ogoing issue with Facebook as users are forced to manually… http://www.allfacebook.com/2008/01/facebook-under-investigation-in-the-uk/

  15. Jeff Says:

    First you have to be smarter than the application you are using.

    I’ve received zero spam in months because, well, I actually changed the default account settings.


    And here’s where you turn off auto-play on profile pages for the music player:


  16. dilbert Says:


  17. ben Says:

    spred the word


  18. Gizmotastic.com Says:

    Mark Your Calendars for January 30th

    Bloggasm has discovered that Myspace.com has no real use in his life. Well, a lot of us feel that way. Myself the constant email telling me to log in because a young lady from Miami wants to be my friend this happen several times a day. In a way Mysp…

  19. scientist Says:

    you sir, are a moron. support facebook, but not myspace? That’s like quitting coke for pepsi because it has too much sugar.

  20. Jonic Says:

    I tried deleting mine last week… It asks you if you want to cancel and is then supposed to email you for final confirmation… The email didn’t turn up on any of the four or five attempts I made, so I don’t know if any of us will have any joy on the 30th…

    Let me know if anyone else has the same problem with the confirmation email, and good luck! :)

  21. awflasher Says:

    I dugg this!haha

    Jonic’s comment was funny, well, if someone cannot get the confirmation email, the account can be never deleted.
    MySpace really let me down. BTW, I have post Simon’s propose in Chinese at my blog :)

    Maybe this can make more Chinese users join you ;)

  22. Jane Says:

    Joining you!

  23. Luis Says:

    Wow, I am not the only one there are other people out there. I will always say that if you think you suck at web design just browse some of the profile in Myspace.

    Will be there with you, the hard way.

  24. kdmurray Says:

    If you don’t use the account it’s time to trash it. Either MS or FB can be customized to cut down on content/spam/bacn but if you don’t use the account what’s the sense in allowing either company to keep and use your information.

    I’m totally behind this because I don’t use MS.


  25. Joe Says:

    Everything you mentioned above I agree with completely. MySpace is a load of rubbish. Unfortunately I cannot join you because I already deleted my account. I’d had enough! Maybe I should rejoin just so I can delete my account on the 30th ;)

    Have you considered starting a campaign on thepoint.com? I wonder how many people you would likely to get to delete their accounts…

  26. Ramon Says:

    Even when you delete your account – like I did last year – you WILL still receive spam friend requests. I guess it won’t exactly help if you cancel your account…

  27. Corey Says:

    I would love to follow you except MySpace simply will not let me delete my account… I click confirm countless different times and then it says it has sent me an email in which I must confirm AGAIN… So I log into my Hotmail only to see that there is no email from MySpace to let me bloody delete it!!!


  28. bogdana Says:

    while i share the disgust of myspace with you, i feel deleting thousands of myspace accounts will only get rid of the smart people that dont click on those stupid banner ads anyway, merely freeing up memory and bandwidth for myspace and thus saving them money. So I actually think we should do the opposite and make tons of myspace profiles, load them up with as much bandwidth bending information as possible through photos and videos, and just never use them.

  29. bogdana Says:

    apparently i wasnt aware how much money was being thrown at them. never mind! 900 mil for a google deal last year? WTF?

    the only reason i cant shut it off, besides people who are dummies and cant just email me, is a lot of my photos are on there. flickr cut my photo availability down to almost NOTHING, so what am i to do?

  30. Curtis Says:

    I’m so there. I’ve been putting off deleting my account for a long time. This looks like a good time to do it. Thanks.

  31. Question Says:

    It would be greatly appreciated and helpful if you could provide steps or screenshots/links as to how one goes about deleting their Myspace account. After all it isn’t the friendliest or easiest of websites to navigate and part of the reason some people haven’t deleted theirs yet may be that they don’t know how, or as a previous commenter stated, that it doesn’t work. Thx.

  32. BL Says:

    Count me in!

    Good luck, though, because I’ve tried to delete my MySpace many, many times and the confirmation email never comes. Ever.

    There’s an address to contact if that happens, but hey look, that doesn’t work either.


    (But I’m willing to try again, on the 30th!)

  33. Jen Says:

    I’ve been thinking about deleting mine for ages as well so I’ll be with you on weds!

  34. ignatz Says:

    “A commenter was kind enough to create a facebook group devoted to International Delete Your Myspace Account Day.”

    Do the world a favor and make Feb 1st International Delete Your Facebook Account Too.

  35. Jeannie Says:

    o.O I wont be joining you. I like MySpace. I am addicted to it! I use my myspace filters and I clicked do not send me messages in the options when I first joined.. This stops me from being contacted on my email address. Therefore I get no spam.

    Now imagine what would’ve happened if you did all the things I did… You’d have nothing to complain about! :O SHOCK HORROR!

    Oh and use Firefox… It has this amazing thing called ADBLOCK… and FLASHBLOCK… it allows you to block all unnecessary spam features on a page.

    Then again you failed to use the spam filters on myspace.. so how could I possibly think that you’d be anything more than a novice internet user who would use firefox instead of IE?

  36. The FindLikeMinds Blog Says:

    International delete your Myspace account day!

    There’s a fair amount of social network bashing around at the moment and rightly so in my book, it’s justified.
    Simon Owens over at Bloggasm.com has put together a great post detailing the sort of appalling experiences you get on networks …

  37. Rob Says:

    Simon great post and a worthy cause!

    You have my support.


  38. RH Says:

    Props. International Delete Your SNS Profile Day would be more of my type of deal, and, judging by some of the above comments, a lot of people seem to agree, but DYMA is still a a huge leap forward and I’m glad someone’s pushing it. I actually look forward to my friends deleting their accounts eventually and joining me back in the real world.

  39. Vic_ Says:

    If I had a myspace account I would join you! But I will tell it to my friends! I like this kind of “action”! Have fun!

  40. Chris Says:

    I’m in!

  41. Gonzalo Fernández Says:

    You should have never opened a MySpace account in the first place! MySpace sucked from day one, and it sucked even more as it got bigger. I have never had the patience to wait for one single MySpace page to load because they are all ugly and full of ridiculously big banners and images. To hell with that shit. Glad to see some people are finally realizing that MySpace is more a drag than a benefit.

  42. Tony Webster Says:

    Click here to see my comm…just kidding.

    I’ve been contemplating deleting my Myspace account for a long time and I think I will finally do it. I’m sick of a random woman’s name adding me every few days, the ads, the annoying music, spam, and the lack of any form of security.

  43. ryan Says:

    i have tried to many times to delete my account but it never works. they say they’ll send me an e-mail confirmation but, that never comes.

    if anyone has advice on how to delete it effectively, please share.

  44. joarnot Says:

    i am erasing my TWO myspace accounts that day…thank you for your leadership in such a noble causes…

  45. Miracle Fruit Says:

    “3. You’re a girl who constantly gets marriage proposals from random men in the middle east.”

    What about if you’re a bloke?

  46. Jenn Says:

    But how will I check up on all the trashy people I went to high school with?

  47. Kaolin Fire Says:

    I just had my account deleted for no discernible reason, and am getting stonewalled by support. A friend pointed me to this post. I’ll just count not rejoining as my act, cool? :)

  48. A Blackhat’s Diary Says:

    january 30th is “international delete your myspace account day”

    i’m participating here and YOU should too!
    (read the full article of that bloggasm.com guy! its a stupid blogger but he has a point.)

    Today, in a news article on news.com titled “Myspace signs deal to screen BBC show,” Rebekah Horne…

  49. call me dixon Says:

    i will delete mine
    call me dixon

    att tomeu

  50. mawam Says:

    Jan. 30 is my birthday! I think I’ll celebrate by deleting that sucka! great idea….

  51. katharses.org Says:

    Here’s Your Chance to Flip MySpace the Bird on Jan. 30

    January 30 is International Delete Your MySpace Account Day!
    I’m tempted to create an account just so I can participate.
    (Be sure to shout, “UP YOURS, YOU HIDEOUS BANDWIDTH BEHEMOTH!” while you’re clicking that delete button and…

  52. David Says:

    MySpace: Because Geocities wasn’t a bad enough idea the FIRST time around…

  53. Dan Says:

    Like others, I found it impossible to delete my MySpace account, simply because the promised confirmation message never arrived. Writing to MySpace’s helpdesk also accomplished nothing.

    However, I managed to get my account deleted rapidly by taking the following steps:

    1. Change name (of course), age (to sub-18), and gender.
    2. Select some rather odd sexual, political and other preferences.
    3. Write profile about Tom, Rupert Murdoch, and sex acts.
    4. Upload some lurid and obscene photos.
    5. Join a bunch of “Campus Crusade for Christ” type groups.
    6. Send friend requests to a bunch of religious conservatives.

    Worked like a charm. ;)

  54. jakeBangalter Says:

    Borra tu cuenta MySpace este 30 de enero


  55. Mishal Says:

    Amen to this, I’d join you happily… if I still had a MySpace account. All of the above happened to me, within one month of joining…. (Also, I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who got weirded out by Tom’s unchanging grin of impending global domination) I kept the thing for a whole two months before deleting it December 20th of last year, the person who’d talked me into getting an account wouldn’t even do me the courtesy of talking to me over it. So, that whole social network angle is bunk, I’ll happily stay with LJ at least the layouts aren’t eye-rape.

    I’m with you on the 30th in Spirit nonetheless. Cheers!

  56. blah Says:

    If it was easier to FIND people on facebook, as well as compare with the vastness of myspace’ inventory of people… I would maybe switch, but until then… I think i’ll stick with what I got.

  57. Katia Says:

    Waauw! Did you know you made it to the Belgium Media with this???? Way to go!
    I’m not a facebook user, but also Yuwie now has its own club for people who will join you on the 30th!

    I like your attitude :-)


  58. Smoofy Says:

    The tube is behind you my friend: http://www.livejournal.com/users/thedailytube

    I’d also like to add that as a web designer the most annoying thing about Myspace is that it somehow manages to gather the worst page design imaginable in one place- which would be okay if it were only the users doing it. But the worst of all is the Myspace homepage with its continual ads for bad movies that seem to take over the site every other week. Not that I don’t like feeling like a demographic, mind you, but if I am to be treated in this way I’d prefer to be caressed into seeing a film rather than shouted at. For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, it is currently, and I shit you not, for some movie called “How She Move.” The hot pink on yellow is really pleasing to the eyes…

  59. Smoofy Says:

    Here’s a screen capture of the current Myspace homepage: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v221/ladyofthefaeries/howshemove.jpg

  60. Hoo Hoo Nick Says:

    Official delete your myspace account day

    30th of January is official delete your myspace account day.
    I’m gonna join, i even scheduled a reminder on my phone, just so that i do not forget it.
    Read more about it here.

  61. St. Paco Says:

    The only reason I even read this blog today is because a dear friend who is also Myspace hater sent me to the link to read someone else’s illigitimate Myspace complaints — all ten of them. I stress the word “illigitimate” as more the half the gripes posted above have anything to do with the actual Myspace interface (1, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9, 10).

    My favorite comment: “I like MySpace. I am addicted to it! I use my myspace filters and I clicked do not send me messages in the options when I first joined.. This stops me from being contacted on my email address. Therefore I get no spam.”

    Way to go, Ms. Jeannie. Your comment reveals the lost secrets that can be revealed to all simply by reading.

    I like Myspace too, Jeannie, so I’ll be staying.

    My second favorite comment: “First you have to be smarter than the application you are using.”

    You hit the nail right on the head, Mr. Jeff.

    So with that in mind, what I’d like to know is this: when is Social Networking for Dummies Day?

    St. Paco
    Kung Fu Grip! Zine

  62. St. Paco Says:

    By the way…I meant “nothing” to do with the Myspace interface, not “anything”. Please also pardon the misspelling of “illegitimate.” Such is the price I pay for rolling my eyes.

  63. Kayleena Says:

    Ok, look, I don’t care if you delete your Myspace, but I have an off topic question that leads back to Myspace….

    Do you watch Oprah, Montel, and Maury? Because on EACH of these shows, I have seen an episode dealing with Myspace, and how it helped to find criminals of murder, child abduction AND pediphiles.

    My responses to your reasons::

    1. You rarely log in to Myspace except to delete spam friend requests from nude webcam girls.
    ** That’s what the CAPTCHA is for. Don’t be lazy, turn it on.

    2. You spend five minutes writing a wall post only to hit an error message when you try to post it because of all the website glitches.
    ** Not every site is perfect. I remember reading an article where Tom said Myspace wasn’t a big deal when he first made the site, and then it exploded in popularity, so they have to fix all the holes in the coding. A lot of Myspace users are the cause of this.

    3. You’re a girl who constantly gets marriage proposals from random men in the middle east.
    ** I’m a girl, and all I get are thugs calling me shawty and hot. You don’t have to reply. Yea, it is annoying, but just delete it and move on.

    4. You visit someone’s Myspace profile only to suddenly have music start blasting out of your speakers. Bonus points if it happens to you while you’re at work.
    ** Unless they have a playlist from projectplaylist.com or any other playlist site, you can go into your settings and turn off automatic playing of profile music. I happen to have a playlist, and it’s hidden, so therefore you must suffer from my page. Although, this comment did make me laugh because I used to be affected by ear shattering profiles.

    5. You have to make redundant clicks to perform simple tasks because Myspace keeps taking you to advertisement pages where you have to click on “return to myspace profile” in order to continue what you’re doing.
    ** This has not happened to me….

    6. You visit someone’s profile only to have your eyes bleed because of terrible page layout with non-matching designs and font colors.
    ** Agreed, but that’s just one thing you cannot help. No reason to delete your Myspace because of them.

    7. Your experience is hindered because of intrusive banner ads that either talk to you or try to reach out and block your view of what you’re trying to look at.
    ** I do not like the talking banners either, but they seem to be dissapearing… I think people are complaining about them. I haven’t heard one in a looooong while. But, those banners are on all sorts of sites. As far as the banner that gets in your way, yes they are annoying, but I think they’re going out fast too.

    8. You read yet another news account about how some child predator using Myspace has abducted a little girl or that some hoax myspace account has caused a teenager to commit suicide.
    ** See my above explantion before my responces to your ten reasons. Abducters are everywhere. AOL, Yahoo, MSN… You deleting your account is not going to stop another pervert from finding their next target. And the teen committing suicide, it is sad, but I’m sure more important things caused them to off themself.

    9. You’re frustrated with the fact that Myspace doesn’t allow you to post your contact info, meaning to contact someone you can only use Myspace’s glitchy Instant Messenger, message/email system, or wall commenting.
    ** Uhm, you can’t? Since when? I have a lot of friends who have their contact info right on their page. Even companies. They have their numbers, their messenger screen names AND their emails posted. In plain site. And if it’s true that you can’t post it, did it ever occur to you that it may be for safety reasons?

    10. You’re tired of seeing Tom stare out at you from millions of friends lists and just wish he would change his fucking profile picture.
    ** What a terrible reason.

  64. Heather Says:

    I did it already, about a month ago, and it felt so good.

  65. Heather Says:

    ha! oops that email address has a typo that is supposed to read “snake” not Snaka”


    I’m very amused by the movement. For all of you who’ve deleted your MYSPACE page and regret it (start over again on Yuwie). You actually get paid for having fun (and you can block those spammers very easily or keep your friend list private)! http://r.yuwie.com/mermaidmonkey


    Another good alternative to MySpace is:

    You may as well get paid to socialize.


    Oooops. Sign up for Lazzeo, here:

  69. Cylithria Says:

    Totally blogging this right now and with you on this. Now I can’t wait for tomorrow so I can delete that useless spooge of a site – Myspace – w00t

  70. Grenouille Ventriloque Says:

    I translated you list in french on my blog : Le 30 janvier décrété «Journée internationale d’effacement des comptes MySpace». I also give a link for the procedure in french.

    Too bad I don’t even have a MySpace account )o;

  71. Carrie Says:

    Last year, I was frustrated with MySpace and wanted to rid myself of it. Unfortunately, deleting an account wasn’t as simple as creating one. I needed to confirm the deletion through the e-mail that was sent to me. However, the message was completely garbled and unreadable. My account would remain intact.

    My way around this was to send MySpace a message under the pretenses of an irate parent of an underage Carrie (not really underage, haha). I, the “parent,” was advised to delete everything from the account and add the text, “Please delete this account” into the About Me section. It took a couple of weeks, but it got the job done. w00t.

  72. woordenaar Says:

    Pff, deleting is harder then I thought but it seems I have managed it somehow.

    “NOTE: Please allow 48 hours for cancellation to take effect. Thank you.”

  73. Jazza Says:

    I have just deleted my MySpace account. I feel much better now ;)

  74. Markus Says:

    I’m glad I never had a myspace account! And before I have to visit one I always mute my sound… I really hope there are anough paticipants for this project!

  75. Alex Says:

    Thanks for reminding me that I meant to do this ages ago! Done, done, done.

  76. Candice Says:

    So, I tried to delete my Myspace first thing this morning, and it appears that they’ve locked me in and thrown away the key.

    See, I switched ISPs a few months back and lost access to the original e-mail address I used to create my Myspace account. That’s too bad, because of course there is some sort of deletion confirmation code that I’ll receive via e-mail (except I won’t, because I can’t get into the old e-mail address — still following?).

    I tried changing my e-mail address, but alas, they once again send a confirmation code, and it is once again going to my old e-mail address.

    Sneaky, Myspace. Very sneaky.

  77. Emmanuel Says:

    In Brazil, MySpace is not used so much, but sufficiently known. I liked it day. She takes the people really make this.

    I made a trackback for my blog.


  78. NumClique - Informar é simples! Says:

    Dia Internacional de deletar seu MySpace

    O blogueiro americano Simon Owens lançou o desafio: Vamos apagar as contas do MySpace. Assim, criou o dia internacional de deletar seu MySpace.
    Em seu blog, Owens cita 10 critérios para avaliar se você realmente deve deletar sua conta e se diz ir…

  79. Glauco Morais Says:

    Hey guy! Don’t forget that you can delete Tom from your profile. What a fuck… I don’t know Tom and I don’t wanna be friend of him. I’m joining in!

  80. Random Says:

    Mine’s gone as soon as I get the confirmation email and so forth. Thanks for this nudge!

  81. Ben Hallert Says:

    I asploded my account today. Boy howdy, they don’t want you to do it. “I’m not launching missiles folks, so I’m not sure I need this many interlocking levels of ‘Are you SURE?’ prompts, each with a slightly more disbelieving tone.”

  82. Rosemarie Cardoso Says:

    But I know YUNITI.com that allows you to hide the subjects you want ,so people only see what you want……

  83. Guy LeCharles Gonzalez Says:

    Good riddance, MySpace!

  84. redgopher Says:

    I’m with you, man. To hell with MySpace! I never check that damn thing anyways. I’m gonna try to take as many people as I can with me to Facebook.

  85. Celeste Says:

    I don´t get it…
    Why heven´t you cancelled all these stupidit like Facebook and MySpace in the first place?
    The only reason you´ve got an account, is because you wanted to…
    MySpace and Facebook are not popular here in Brazil, but we have Orkut, which is the same thong…But, if you don´t like it, just don´t get it…
    Simple as that!!!

  86. I love myspace Says:

    Hey!! you suck because if you are tired of all those things that happens on myspace then just leave. You just want some publicity for your stuppid blogg thats all. Just leave myspace alone!!!!! retarded!!!

  87. Saskboy Says:

    Funny to see you’re at the center of this storm.
    I was reminded of the day when a half naked “friend request” came into my inbox today. Today is a good day for MySpace to die [in my best Klingon voice].

  88. Isamira Boyington Says:

    Yeah facebook is great and all, until all those APPS become unbearable too, and with everyonw going over there, don’t think that spammers, junk, and viruses won’t follow. Personally my favorite is YUNITI.COM, it doesn’t have any of that crap, and not just because it’s still relatively small, but because it can protect users from all that crap. Plus all the great security features it has.

  89. Great Idea Says:

    I just deleted mine. It was quite satisfying, actually.

  90. Twist Says:

    Let’s have a delete all abandoned blog day!

  91. michelle Says:

    Okay this is weird. I decided to be vocal on my blog today about whether or not I should delete my myspace and then randomly find this blog on the day that there’s some movement about deleting!

  92. Saskboy Says:

    “I love myspace said,

    January 30, 2008 @ 2:36 pm

    Hey!! you suck because if you are tired of all those things that happens on myspace then just leave. You just want some publicity for your stuppid blogg thats all. Just leave myspace alone!!!!! retarded!!!

    Well said, and thanks for providing proof that AOL didn’t die, it just moved to MySpace.com

  93. Leon Westbrook Says:

    “Hey!! you suck because if you are tired of all those things that happens on myspace then just leave. You just want some publicity for your stuppid blogg thats all. Just leave myspace alone!!!!! retarded!!!”

    ….and nothing of value will be missed.

    To speed up the delete please put porn and gory images on your profile for great justice!

  94. Tom Says:

    Remember that if Myspace is making it difficult for you to leave (sending email to redundant addresses etc) you can always just fill your profile with hardcore pornography. It’ll be, as we say here in New Zealand, Gone By Lunchtime.

    Myspace users, please continue defending your website of choice with reactionary zealotry, and whatever you do, keep using that excellent command of the English language. It’s awesome.

  95. Rick Beckman Says:

    Oh happy day!


  96. Andrew Says:

    Deleted. Thanks for taking the initiative :)

  97. K Says:

    If you like MySpace, that’s cool, but I thought it was crappy and deleted my profile months ago. No regrets.

  98. Anonymous Bum Says:

    I’m shocked that educated people admit that they even have/had a myspace account. Can you say sh|tty Geocities or AOL? I wonder what the next crappy thing the proletariat will flock to next.

  99. Sotrue Says:

    I wish I still had my myspace account just so I could delete it with you.

  100. dangerobby Says:

    Stupid international date line! It still counts! I’m doing it now, only for me it’s a day late.

  101. Steve Says:

    Strange, none of the complaints yielded in the above blog have ever been shared by me. As far as spam, there are options in your account settings page to combat all of it. I haven’t even gotten a single friend request from “Olga From Sweden, etc, etc” since making the simple changes. Also, there is a setting to stop music from playing automatically.

    Also, the poster of this blog uses the word “glitch” and “glitchy” far too many times. I hereby dare him, to cite a single incident of Myspace’s ‘Message” system being “glitchy”. This is an example of a nobody blogger clawing his way towards inciting some sort of name for himself, when really, he is only a barely computer-literate zilch; who can’t even navigate myspace to customize his own settings.

  102. Roger Says:

    Yep. Another one on the boat.

  103. pixie Says:

    I did it. Thanks for the boost.

  104. Mon billet Says:

    Le 30 janvier décrété «Journée internationale d’effacement des comptes MySpace»

    Le coup de départ de cette petite campagne est venue de Simon Owens, un bloggueur, qui en avait plus que marre de se faire contacter par son compte MySpace, et de devoir entrer dans son compte à chaque fois pour voir de quoi il s’agissait, souv…

  105. hank Says:

    Myspace can kiss 35,000 asses. That’s how many members a popular atheist/agnostic organisation had on Myspace before it was summarily deleted. No reason was given and no appeal was heard – and it wasn’t the first time it happened. Given that rightwing Bush-lover Rupe Murdoch owns Myspace now, it seems that “a place for friends” is really now a place for friends of Jeebus. I personally don’t give two shits what you believe or don’t believe, but deleting a group with a large membership for no reason isn’t fair, isn’t right and isn’t fucking human. Perhaps if Tom had some balls he’d fight it, but what does he care as long as he gets 0.0001 cents every time some dumb fuck pushes the Fart button. Which I never see anymore, thanks to script/flash blockers I’ve plugged into Firefox. Fuck you & your lack balls, Tom, fuck your sad, backwards, time-wasting wank of a site, fuck your boss too.

  106. aquariusmoon Says:

    Count mine as another account deleted.

  107. Brand: New Religion Says:

    MySpace: Paradise Lost?

    Although many of my friends and I have never exactly loved MySpace, it seems like the feeling is official with International Delete Your MySpace Account Day.
    Simon Owens of Bloggasm put forth ten very convincing (did we even need convincing?) reasons …

  108. Someone Says:

    Simon, you should check out the (Jan 30) Off The Hook episode that features your blog! Congrats!

    [2600.com] http://www.2600.com/offthehook/2008/0108.html

    2nd Link with Same Mp3: http://archive.wbai.org/files/mp3/080130_190001oth.MP3

    Streaming: http://archive.wbai.org/pls.php?mp3fil=16527

  109. victor masias Says:

    por eso uso hi5.com
    abajo myspace!

  110. tOnY Says:


  111. Ciara Says:

    Mines gone! MySpace sucked anyway! A bunch of trolls over there!!

  112. Kevin Says:

    Done and done. Thanks for the impetus. Glad to not have that shit site have any association with me any more.

  113. Talat Says:

    Long live free men! Down with greedy corporates ! Down with commerialism! Way to go friend !

  114. Nando Botia Says:


    I´ve deleted my facebook, myspace and tagger accounts because of little variations of your 10 resons.

    Do the same, go out and meet some people in the old fashioned way before sun can burn us alive, or before sea has become toxic. When that happens then we can stay at home all day long meeting people and reading all this posted messages.

  115. Chris Says:

    F*** MySpace, every year some new “hip” social networking website pops up, myspace, friendster, hi5, tag… blah blah blah… they all suck a**. I deleted my myspace account a week after I created it long time ago. And I’m never signing up for any other corporate site like facebook.

    I got my blog as most of you guys do, and If people care enough they can check it out. I don’t need a bunch of kiss-ass spammers pretend to be my friends.

    If you haven’t done it already, delete myspace as well as facebook

  116. Liz Says:

    Way to go. I deleted mine last week and only read about Delete your MySpace Account today. Ugly, unusable, not to mention open to just about anyone!!! Au revoir, EcapsYm.

  117. nomatophobia Says:

    I agree that a lot of this is pretty whiny and appears to be written by a 14 year old. Every single one of these complaints can also be attributed to *drum roll*: The Internet. *bing* Spam in your normal email, PopUps in your face, strangers sending your pictures of their…stuff.
    I’m turning my myspace into a site for carrots, but for other reasons:


    – and they’re owned by Fox.
    Freeing up their space won’t make me feel any better. Fighting “the man” from the inside with my carrots.
    Substituting one social network for another doesn’t make any sense at all. How about if the next day can be: “National Pick Up the Damn Phone and Call Your Friends Day” ?

  118. Reaper-X Says:

    Dude, the best way to have a near perfect myspace is to have:


    Ad Blocker Plus

    and No Script.

    You get those and you’ll never have to deal with banner ads or spyware form myspace, EVER. I have it and its worked wonders. They block all the advertisements and pop-ups…and you can even custom block those stupid oversized pictures that people post in the comments. Its EXCELLENT!

  119. Reid Says:

    Most of these reasons were reasons to never join or visit Myspace in the first place. I’ve been on Facebook for three and a half years, and while it’s losing some of its positive qualities, Myspace was always a worthless cesspool that I refused to visit.

  120. xumb Says:

    hey simon, how are you? i’ve to say that you did a noble cause here today and i want to let you know that i’ve done my part as well in deleting my friggin myspace account hell yeahhh!!! check out my blog for my report hahaha!

  121. Patrick Ryall Says:

    I have to agree, MySpace is a waste of space. Over the last few weeks SPAM has increased to a all time high it is ridiculous. Further more for the moron further up the comments list, why the hell should I have to spend ages reconfiguring the default options to stop the SPAM. I have a Bebo, and a FaceBook neither of which I ever get spammed on.
    What infuriates me more than anything is the lack of intellect of the spammers, one if it is email spam my wonderful server side filters delete it without me even having to insult my eyes seeing it. Don’t these complete idiots realise no one reads or wants to read there poor attempts to 1 sell me something, 2 get my banking or PayPal details or 3 some loser wanting to marry me.
    Spammers are testament that the average on-line marketer (marketer is heavily clad in sarcasm) are blithering idiots whom deserve their own pitiful existence.

  122. FilFlaxon Says:

    What a joke! Of course there are occasional glitches and error messages but the spam is easy to block. Besides, even when an error does pop up, it is likely that your message or comment has been sent. The freedom of music and layouts catapult myspace into a level facebook will never reach.

  123. Penny Says:

    I’m a girl, and I was getting marriage proposals all the time! Thank heavens I got rid of that hunk of crap.

  124. Altazar2 Says:

    I will not delete my Facebook and MySpace accounts until a better social networking site is born. Do you know one?
    I think that MySpace should include separate CSS editing fields, same thing that they’ve made for MySpace blog. Adding CSS into *About me* section is not good. CSS should be placed in the header.
    The best solution for people who hate commercial adds would be to have personal websites on their own domains. Our websites could be easily connected with our friend’s websites through good old *web-rings*.

  125. Anna Says:

    people, you are making a big deal out of this!!! if you don’t like it, don’t use it!!! i myself am not a big fan of it (neither myspace nor facebook).. but i have a lot of friends (real friends, from real life) and it’s good way to keep updated with everything that’s going on.. i must say, i never experienced any of your mentioned 1o points (and I’m a girl)

    spare us the b*s*.. why didn’t you just delete your account but make a big deal out of it? you don’t have enough attention in real life? :p give me a brake!

  126. Chris Says:

    Anna, the point of all this IS to attract attention and to make a statement! Not everyone lives life by “if it sucks just don’t use it” philosophy. If something sucks other people should be aware of it as well. Stop living your passive life, make a stand once in a while. And if you’re a girl and no one asked you to marry him on MySpace, I guess we all know why :)

  127. Clint Says:

    lol……yeah bro…..I have been contemplating deleting my MySpace account alot lately as it is not very user-friendly, I get heaps of spam and I am sick to death of all these ‘randoms’ inviting me to be their “friend”. If I don’t know you already, then I don’t really want to add you as a friend since I have enough real friends and I am not a loser with way too much time on my hands to try to prove to the world I can rack up the most friends on MySpace……like Tila Tequila, she has wasted so much of her life on the net, especially MySpace talking to randoms and adding them on her list………WHAT THE FUCK FOR???………”I have 657,843,232 friends and they are all my real friends and I know them all so well”……..I much prefer Facebook as it is very easy on the eye, user-friendly and everyone on my Friends list IS a real friend who I have either dated in the past, have gone to school with, have worked with or who are still in my life presently. NOT Tom…NOT Tila…….NOT Homer Simpson……..NOT 50 Cent,etc,etc………It is also good to see you have a Gmail account as well………..Gmail is much better than Yahoo or Hotmail or AOL…………I am also a strong supporter of Apple Macs compared to glitchy virus-filled crappy Windows PC’s (Poor Choice) : D

    I am deleting my MySpace right now. Thanks for the motivation champ!

  128. Joel Says:

    note: simon owens on Attack of the Show
    he was not stoned…

  129. Elias Says:

    You’re all idiots. Funnily enough, I just yesterday decided to delete my Facebook before I found this blog.

    Sure, Myspace has its downsides but Facebook is far worse, and there you’re just limited in talking to PEOPLE YOU ALREADY KNOW. On Myspace I get bulletins from bands/ artists/ politicians I’m interested in about gigs, events, releases etc, and I’ve actually spoken with some of my “heroes”. Bulletins on Facebook consist of retarded forwarded Youtube clips and “if you love your friends please forward this on to X people” etc. Myspace has this, but not auto-forwards *all over your main page*.

    Spam has dropped there too recently, and as mentioned you can just shut it off anyway. I don’t get that many bands requesting me but the ones that do are really good (I guess it depends on your tastes in the first place).

    Sure some of the profiles are ugly but at least it’s a more creative community. Facebook to me is just ex-students wanting to show off to people they went to school with (look at my snazzy picture and how many friends I have!) and play stupid games. FACEBOOK IS NOT MORE MATURE YOU IDIOTS, TAKE A LOOK AT YOUR SUPERFUNWALLS AND THE ENDLESS DUMB APPLICATIONS YOU ADD. STOP SAYING IT IS!!

    Fair enough if you don’t like Myspace but FACEBOOK IS FAR WORSE. Just go back to emailing each other if you don’t want to meet people outside your circle.


  130. ashlee Says:

    hey myspace has the ads but if your smart you keep away from them. i dont know anyone who clicks on them! and i would rather keep my myspace to keep in touch with freinds and family. none of my freinds use facebook and all those things. this is the the best and only thing for me to keep in touch. i think thats how most people feel. they arent gunna want to join you unless they dont use their myspace. sorry but your p[lan is only for older people who dont like so much technologie. and if your having trouble loading crap get a new fucking computer.

  131. ashlee Says:

    oh and yea facebook is so much worse and people can do what they want to their pages and their pictures so there… go get a life and forget about myspace, have your facebook and go suck a fish!

  132. ashlee Says:

    i agree with elias

  133. Gee Says:

    I love “myspace” i am there about two years and i never ever had spam or any kind of problem.
    I dislike “facebook” i am tere about two years and i am getting fed up with so many error the most of the nice application do not working properly.
    I think you had a very bad experience with your “myspace” but it doesn’t mean “myspace” himself is so bad like you made it.
    “Myspace is the biggest social networking on the planet so allow it to have some error sometimes it is normal to have traffic jam-even if when all of us drive to go or come back from work.
    Many blessings and good luck.

  134. Gee Says:

    Why people use social websites to socialize with theirs close friends??
    Why not to allowed new people that have visited your profile and did like what they had read and see there and ask you a request friend, whats wrong on it to accept new friends??
    This is ridiculous people only accept request friend on people they know or are friends.
    Myself with my close or not close friends i go out with them i am close to them and i tell them face to face what i think about them and if i want offer them a gift i go to the shop and i buy i real gift, i am not waiting to go on “FACEBOOK” to send this silly gifhts.
    On my own point of view social networking is to make new friends is ti know different people is to open new horizons is to discover something new about ourselves.
    Last year i been on holiday in Italy and i had the most exiting experience because i meet friends i did meet on myspace.
    Was great and unforgettable.
    Gee xx

  135. Ruth Says:

    Even though it’s International Delete Your MySpace Account Day has passed, I’m sure there’s still a bunch of you wanting to delete yours. For a step-by-step guide on how to do this go to http://antisocial.nectareen.com or just click on my name above.

  136. Joey Says:

    I took it to the next level and deleted my facebook too! I’ve never felt so free!

  137. spacemonkey Says:

    What up peeps, I feel the same way as everyone else. I’m tired of deleteing myspace request from supermodels that can’t wait to spam the sheit out of me. We can delete our facebook and myspace and every other account we have or we can take a stand.

    Socialhood Watch

  138. corrine Says:

    It sounded like a great idea but the reality is you yourself are seeking the fame Tom has got for implementing a fantastic idea that has encountered some irritating (surmountable) problems recently. If there is not enough real news your story might even catch on. Your crusade would have validity if you had actually paid for the account.

    I don’t have a website or a (fake) cause to plug so I’ll plug a cool one I stumbled recently….so there!


  139. corrine Says:

    Ooogh! Just realised it’s all over anyway (Jan 30th) ……..and Myspace is still going strong……oh well…..on to the next campaign. “International Stop Using Your Left Leg Day?”

  140. Mary Says:

    im too late. but i love the idea.
    and you know what? im not too worried about doing this in a pack of other people. it doesnt matter to me if myspace gets the hint.
    it wont change a mass amount of people.
    delete it for yourself.
    (i hope i have the guts. its my birthday and id rather be doing homework than waste my time on my own profile.)

  141. Lori Says:

    I would love to delete my profile,BUT I cannot get into my old e-mail address to receive the link i need to cancel. I have sent my-space numerous e-mails to change my address and still no response. Im at wits end with this!

  142. Remi Says:

    Check this out. The purpose is different but the mechanism is there to delete your account.


    Basically all it says is to send an email to cancelaccount@myspace.com with the subject: delete and body: delete account.

    That’s it. I tried cancelling mine at least 20 times and my confirmation email never came. I hope it works.

  143. Jamaican girl Says:

    I really like this idea but i dont know how to do it being that my Myspace page is in spanish, i asked someone to fix it for me and they did and in 2 weeks it was right back where in spanish, i dont even know how it got like that because all i go on to do is add friends and check messages.

    Myspace is weird and Tom is kinda creepy

    As we say in Jamaica “Facebook to the worlllllllllllld”

  144. Faye Parker Says:

    You have had your Myspace account hacked/phished and probably someone kept getting your log-in information thru redirect codes because you probably clicked on one of the infamous phishing sites. No wonder you want to delete your account. I have seen that people that rarely go to their account get all these clickable images. Myspace did find and rid the place of some that were like that Myspace Birthday message, purse buying , all kinds. ..it would click to a legitimate website but had redirect codes that would lead you back to a fake log in page..saying “You must be logged in to do that”..and you never logged out. You put in your log-in information (which they are really phishing for those that use their same password in Myspace as they do their email account.) Myspace would not have sent that “Find out whose birthday it is”…because right there on your “Home” page at the end of top friends…it says “View Friends” ..All, New, Birthdays…It also shows in the Alert space: Messages, Birthdays, etc. so they would have no need to send you such a message in your messages. Whoever designed that hoped you would click on that …then send you to the same link that is actually on your home page and then it would redirect you to a fake log in page again…because you probably changed your password on them.

    Every problem you seem to be having looks as if it is all because you got hacked/phished.

  145. Leah Says:

    Well, if you don’t really use myspace, then it’s reasonable to want to delete it, but if you have friends on it and want to talk to them but hate the problems that you mentioned, a few things that you can do to stop it are these, and yes I understand some may think it’s unreasonable to have to go through this trouble to stop all of those problems, if it really bothers you that much it shouldn’t be too much to worry about ;) .

    For music playing when you go to others pages- Go to ‘account settings’ then ‘Miscellaneous’ lower it will say ‘Music Players’ under my profile, it’ll say other profiles, just un-check that box and save all changes under that section, that way music won’t be able to play automatically when you go to other profiles.

    The spam messages from half naked webcam girls- Go to Account settings- Spam- Messages- And check where it says ‘Require CAPTCHA for non-friends to send me messages’ OR just un-check where it says allow non friends to send me messages :)

    If you do the above option of un-checking where it says allow non-friends to message me, then go to the option under that and check the box that says ‘require CAPTCHA for friend requests’ that will disable people using programs to add you and definitely stop the spam of the annoying webcam girls.

    The error with comments- There isn’t really much you can do to stop myspace’s constant errors.. however copying your comments before hitting enter will help you from wasting time trying to write a comment and losing it because of the error message.

    Girl that gets constant marriage proposals from middle eastern men- Try going to Account Settings, Privacy, then Online now, and un-checking the box that says Show people when I am online.. That way you won’t show up in the browsing online now users section, and less likely chance of those men finding your profile, or you can do as I said above and disable non friends to send you messages, and maybe require last name for friend requests if you only want good friends on your profile.

    The background problems you can’t really fix, no matter what networking site you go to if they enable custom backgrounds you’re going to have a problem like that somewhere, there are ways to contact friends without having to go to their profile, so if their background is that big of a problem then just try and option like that..

    While yes there are many accounts like that.. speaking as a girl who had a previous experience with a man from a social networking site getting in contact with me in real life and trying to take me home.. If I had been safer about my privacy settings that wouldn’t have happened, myspace offers the chances to fix most of the problems you have named here, and they offer pretty good privacy settings, but it’s an offer, they make it convenient for you but it’s also your responsibility to remain safe on the internet.

    I also noticed in one persons comment about the religious choices.. The religions they name are not related. There are some religions that you can’t fit into a certain category with others. If someone were to ask you are you a christian, you would say yes, if someone were to ask a Wiccan or a Buddhist if they were christian, they would say no. Myspace tries to fit the website to match everyone. But they can’t be perfect, perhaps you can suggest to myspace to allow us to type in our specific religion in that section instead of having to pick from a certain category? Without suggestions the site won’t know what to improve on :)

    And my last suggestion, You mentioned the ads, if you go to http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/ and download firefox web browser (assuming you don’t already have it) then go to https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/search?q=adblock+plus&cat=all and download Adblock plus and Adblock Filterset.G Updater that will disable advertisements on all sites that you browse using firefox :)
    Myspace can’t take ads off altogether, Myspace is free to everyone, but making that website isn’t free. They have to pay for the website somehow, and advertisements are the only way they can do that, with that downloaded onto firefox though it will make your web browsing for any site much easier considering there won’t be numerous ads everywhere.

    That should help a considerable amount, once you know what you’re doing on the website myspace can be safe and a lot of fun :)

    Anybody reading this can feel free to add my myspace.

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