Interview with Madeleine Kane

Madeleine Begun Kane a/k/a/ Mad Kane is an oboist turned lawyer turned freelance humorist. She lives in New York City with hubby Mark, who puts up with her writing (and singing) political song parodies during dinner, even though the poor guy thought he was marrying a nice Jewish lawyer. Mad Kane’s humor has won lots of awards from the MSM. Sadly, however, she’s never won a Koufax – hint, hint, hint.

Simon Owens: Which conservative bloggers do you think create the most spin? And if you had to pick a conservative blogger to label a worthy adversary, which blogger would that be?

Mad Kane: Most conservative bloggers don’t create spin — they regurgitate it. The true spinmeisters are the evildoers who churn out White House and RNC talking points.

As for worthy adversaries, Andrew Sullivan writes well and has the occasional flash of intellectual honesty.

SO: Do you think that by using humor you are able to more subtly provide your political views to your readers?

MK: Based on my hate mail, apparently not.

On the other hand, if I didn’t use humor, my blog posts would be far more curse-ridden, and my parents would yell at me, and that would be bad.

SO: Jon Stewart claims that the Bush Administration makes his job too easy because there’s just so many things they do that are laughable. Do failing politicians make a humorist’s job a lot easier?

MK: That’s easy for Stewart to say. Me? I’m just an old country lawyer … okay, a middle aged city lawyer … okay, a middle aged recovering city lawyer. Uh … what was the question?

Sorry … I tend to freak out when asked a serious question about humor. The Bush administration does provide an unusually large supply of things to make fun of. But the down side of the Bush administration — hmmm, perhaps I should rephrase that. The challenge of trying to parody the Bush administration is that it’s already a parody. If Bush and his cronies were characters in a satirical novel manuscript, publishers would turn the book down as way too exaggerated and unrealistic.

SO: What are the five blogs everyone should be reading (besides your own)?

MK: Only five? What if everyone I leave out sues me?

All right, if I must: I’d like to thank — oops, wrong speech.

Seriously, I can’t get through the day without,, , , and .

Yes, I know that’s more than five. Let’s call it a baker’s half-dozen.