International Delete Your Myspace Account Day is here!

The day has finally arrived. Last Sunday I declared January 30th to be International Delete Your Myspace Account Day. The idea quickly caught fire, being linked to on hundreds of websites spanning from Digg to Fark to MSNBC. Several journalists interviewed me about the day, including live radio and television interviews. I was also interviewed by a journalist at the Washington Post. A Myspace spokeswoman even responded to the event.

Many of the people who linked and commented on my post agreed with me whole-heartedly: Myspace sucks. And to drive that message home, we’re finally disposing of our useless profile pages all together on one day.

So if you’ve deleted your Myspace page today, tell us about your experience in the comments section. Several people have emailed me over the last few days to tell me that they tried to delete their profiles only for the confirmation email never to be sent. If this happens to you, it’s a serious issue that Myspace needs to address. Please let us know about it.

If anyone needs to contact me about this day, you can email me at for more information.

Below is a list of steps for you to delete your profile. I already tried them on my own myspace page. Supposedly Myspace is supposed to delete it within 48 hours. We’ll see if that happens.

Now, the steps:

1. Log in at

2. Click on “account settings” next to your profile picture

3. Click on the “cancel account” link at the bottom of the screen

4. On this screen it tells you to confirm your cancellation. It also provides you a box to explain why you’re canceling your account. To really drive home the message, you should put “Because it’s International Delete Your Myspace Account Day” as your reason. That will let them know that you’re deleting the account because of the cause.

5. You should receive an email that will allow you to “confirm” (hey, didn’t I already “confirm” it like two clicks ago? Myspace sure doesn’t want me to leave) your cancellation. After you’ve once again confirmed it, it tells you to give it 48 hours to complete the cancellation.

6. If your profile doesn’t disappear in 48 hours, raise bloody hell.

Good luck everyone! Happy cancellation!


UPDATE: New Matilda has published a feature article about the event.

UPDATE 2: Here’s a video clip from one television news station that covered the event. Here is the story done by the Washington Post.

UPDATE 3: Another TV news station does a report about International Delete Your Myspace Account Day. (The video is on the righthand side)

UPDATE 4:, the publication that had the response from the Myspace spokeswoman, has published a follow-up article after interviewing me. It includes an additional non-response from Myspace.