Gawker Media blog traffic up 17% in first five months of ’09

traffic statsI surveyed the traffic stats of nine Gawker media blogs — comparing their traffic in the last five months of ’08 to the first five months of ’09 — and found that they experienced a 17% increase in page views during this period. For the first five months of ’09 the blogs showed a combined 1.4 billion page views, compared to 1.19 billion in the last five months of ’09 — a jump of over 200 million.

To conduct this survey I compiled page view data from Gawker Media’s Sitemeter stats from each of the blogs. The number of page views does not represent the number of unique visitors to a site, but rather the number of times a page was loaded.

Of all the blogs, the science fiction blog Io9 saw the sharpest increase, with a 44% jump in traffic. Fleshbot, the company’s sex blog, was the only one of the nine blogs to show a slight decrease in traffic — less than 2%. Gizmodo remained by far Gawker’s biggest traffic generator, with more than 380 million page views so far in 09. Io9 saw the least traffic with about 64 million page views.

Keep in mind, however, that Gawker Media has recently sold off several blogs and shut down others, so while most these individual blogs saw an increase, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the entire company’s traffic is up on a whole.

Complete traffic statistics below the jump


Last five months of ’08: 102,552,110
First five months of ’09: 120,661,472
Change: An increase of 18,109,362, or 18%


Last five months of ’08: 68,165,970
First five months of ’09: 80,971,815
Change: An increase of 12,805,845, or 19%


Last five months of ’08: 231,009,724
First five months of ’09: 244,338,551
Change: An increase of 13,328,827, or 6%


Last five months of ’08: 91,192,109
First five months of ’09: 112,154,344
Change: An increase of 20,062,235, or 23%


Last five months of ’08: 44,911,669
First five months of ’09: 64,748,575
Change: An increase of 19,836,906, or 44%


Last five months of ’08: 87,566,868
First five months of ’09: 115,601,295
Change: An increase of 28,034,427, or 32%


Last five months of ’08: 324,784,840
First five months of ’09: 386,363,092
Change: An increase of 61,578,252, or 19%


Last five months of ’08: 145.545,251
First five months of ’09: 180,533,962
Change: An increase of 34,988,711, or 24%


Last five months of ’08: 96,258,631
First five months of ’09: 94,735,289
Change: A decrease of 1,523,342, or 1.5%

Total last five months of ’08: 1,191,987,172
Total first five months of ’09: 1,400,108,395
Change: An increase of 208,121,223, or 17%

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