Gawker hires LA Times web entertainment editor

A memo from Gawker’s managing editor

From: Gabriel Snyder
Date: July 27, 2009 3:22:47 PM EDT
Subject: Meet Gawker’s new West Coast Editor

Ever since Defamer was merged into Gawker earlier this year, I’ve been looking for the right person to hire in L.A., so I’m pleased to announce someone who was worth the wait: Richard Rushfield is joining Gawker as its new West Coast Editor. From his Venice bungalow he’ll proudly fly the Defamer flag as well as pitch in with charting the general editorial direction of the site.

Richard joins us from the Los Angeles Times where he’s been the Entertainment Editor of their web site since 2005. While that paper has had its fair share of internal changes — and lots of meetings, I’m told — Richard put together one of its true bright points, overseeing a staff of writers and reporters who work primarily for and attack the kinds of stories that are as relevant to industry insiders as they are entertaining and insightful to a national audience.

Like any good generalist, Richard’s career has spanned a number of worlds. He’s done political campaign organizing, worked as a reality show producer, has a prolific freelancing career for magazines including Vanity Fair, Details, Los Angeles, Blackbook and Arena, co-founded satire magazine LA Innuendo (“a low-rent Spy for people who love the things that they hate about LA”), published On Spec: A Novel of Young Hollywood, and has Don’t Follow Me, I’m Lost, a memoir of his college years, due out this November.

After some much-deserved decompression, Richard will be starting with us on August 31. Please join me in welcoming him aboard.

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  1. James Wood Says:

    I am looking for an entertainment editor to edit my scripts for reality talk shows and unrated movie scripts. Please let me know if Richard is that guy or if you can refer me to the right entertainment editor.

    Thank you.

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