Facebook may sue Daily Mail over erroneous column: Bylined author didn’t even write it

facebookNews broke today that Facebook is considering suing the Daily Mail over false claims that an author created a fake profile of a young girl and was approached by dozens of older men wanting to meet for sex. The problem? The author, Mark Williams-Thomas, didn’t actually use Facebook, but some other social network.

Before this news broke I had read the article in question and was immediately suspicious. I tracked down Williams-Thomas and asked him point blank in an email if he had created the fake profile on Facebook, and whether he had proof of doing so. This was his response:

Hi Simon

You are correct it is not Facebook- the article was ghosted by the Mail and my corrections were not made to the published article.

The Mail have since corrected this serious error.

The fact that it did not take place on Facebook then answers all your other questions.

All the best

Mark Williams-Thomas MA (Criminology)
WT Associates Ltd

So not only did the author not create a fake profile on Facebook, he didn’t even write the piece.

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