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Be My Friend on Facebook – 24 (Brooklyn)

Hello! I’m a 24 SWF and I’m looking to add some friends on facebook.

Here are the criteria:

1) You must have a facebook account.
2) You must be my friend without ever meeting me. I think it’s kinda weird to meet people from over the internet IRL, so I’d much rather just talk to you over AIM or email or something.
3) You must be okay with me sacrificing your facebook friendship for a Whopper. (see link: )

Thanks for your interest!

So Good, the blog linked in that post, is run by my coworker, Jon Eick.

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  1. skippy Says:

    hey simon you know i was touting bloggasm in the beginning when i was asking that any one of the lefty blogs win over jammie wearing fool.

    keep up the good work here.

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