Could LinkedIn become a business news aggregator?

LinkedIn recently admitted in a public offering document that most its users don’t actually regularly log into its site. This isn’t entirely surprising, as it’s primarily a business networking tool and therefor would only be used when you’re looking for a new job or working on business development.

To try to become more relevant for its most casual users, LinkedIn will attempt to dive into social news aggregation, becoming essentially the “Wall Street Journal of social news.” Though we haven’t yet seen how this model would work, I’m guessing that it will create an algorithm that detects the most-shared news within certain business networks, so if you work within the catering industry then news shared by others within your industry will make its way toward you.

It’ll be an interesting experiment, though I really question how many aggregators the market will sustain. I already follow people within my business network on Twitter and Facebook, and as one of those casual users of LinkedIn, my network there is much weaker.

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