College kids posing nude for campus magazines

The New York Times Magazine published an article in January about a new phenomena called “naked parties” at Ivy League schools.

Following in that tradition, they published an article this Sunday about another new trend: campus porn magazines

Aaron Foster, a junior majoring in history at the University of Massachusetts in Boston, was browsing Craigslist one day in 2005 when he saw an ad for nude models. It had been posted by Boink, a glossy new sex magazine by and about college students founded by Alecia Oleyourryk, then a senior at nearby Boston University, and Christopher Anderson, a software consultant in his 30s moonlighting as a photographer. “You’re going to pay me $200, and all I have to do is pretend to be with a chick — you’re going to pay me to do that?” was how Foster, now 24, a slim, dark-haired former marine with pierced nipples and tattoos of raking animal claws on his back, described his reaction.

As a recent college graduate, I don’t know how it would be possible to pose nude for a magazine and then walk into a classroom knowing several people in it have seen you nude. However, I can see how this kind of porn (if that’s what you want to call it, some magazines take a more artsy approach) would be very popular on college campuses. As the article indicates, seeing a porn star you’ll never meet is much less exciting than seeing porn with a person you might pass on the way to class.

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  1. Sandy Says:

    I did pose nude for a high end art and culture magazine called Carrie Leigh’ Nude.
    I told a few of my friends but by the time the magazine came out last September it seemed that everyone knew about it. They rushed to the stores and within days people I never knew existed were asking for me to sign the magazine. I think because it is a high end publication I am now the cool girl.If it were Playboy or Hustler it would be pornotgrapny- in that case I think you are correct-I would not be able to show my face again-but real art is another story.

  2. T Guy Says:

    Can you say “free advertising”? Sure, I knew you could.

    Just let the word out that students on campus XYZ are posing nude in ANY magazine and I’m willing to bet that on campus sales of the magazine will sky rocket for at least that edition. Cost to the publisher: $0. Very smart.

  3. Sharon Says:

    Interesting topic and I have a little advice based on a few years of trials failure and success.
    As a college student I was a figure model. Good money and except for a few of the guys who were just there to look at a naked girl this wasn’t to bad. I did try to become a Playmate and this was horrible. The test shoot was boring and not inspired. Walk in take my cloths off and shoot. Then I was told that I should go the the Playboy Mansion and attend the parties. This was to help me become a Playmate and earn the BIG BUCKS. The first party was nothing like it is portrayed in the media. D list nobodies and old men getting laid. I felt like trash. I never wanted to go back. Then Marlyn Grabowsky the pre pimp of all time told me if I didn’t I would never be a Playmate. So, I went back and after a hour I couldn’t take it. The filth was running off my back. The next day I left Los Angeles and went back home to school. I do not think that I will ever again poise nude unless it is with a very artistic photographer where I know that it would be a creative endeavor.

  4. J. E. Wilson Says:

    Who the hell cares about nudes or published nudes. We all enjoy the human body in different ways. I just do not see the message being sent about nudes and education. If you are to stupid as Ivy League students to realize that “you are an adult” making life choices then you should move home and babysit or tend bar. America is going to hell with bigger issues than a female posing nude. If you are a lesbian or gay come out and at least I will accept your choices, but hide and argue about trivial matters of nudity, then take a break and look at the world around you. I am personal friends with a Playboy Playmate and we are only friends. She has done better than any girl I have seen walking the street or lady of the night. I am a published author and take my career to heart, yet you Ivy League assholes think you don’t have a girl or guy that wants to be photographed in the nude or have lesbians or gay guys living in your hall need a bullet of real life shot in your head. You snobs want to thumb a nose at this author from Palm Beach, FL. then take a number and kiss the ass of reality. I do eat meat, pork, and do not throw paint on people wearing fur. I have 13 countries and 43 states under my belt and taught in several Asian countries. I have a forgiveness of cultures and society. This stupid author of this blog needs to realize that we as a people have different tastes. Blog anything you want or email me, but never place yourself above another human being or look down at those who are or might be a better or more caring person than yourself. Get you degree and then argue your or others points with me. I love stupid people, because I can always educate them and respect that their wrong stance is just that, a stance, neither correct or wrong. It is only the people with simple minds that are always correct that are or have no perspective on a world confronting them and they make the mistake of putting dollar signs before love and life. Hitler saw a country that needed to be ruled and a lady he desired. Business people are the newest form of this thinking. Beware!!!!! JEWilson

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