May ’09 political blog readership 53% lower than it was in October ’08

It’s a well known trend that web traffic on political sites falls immediately after election season, but how much has it fallen this time around, and have any blogs or political ideologies weathered the off-season better than others?

To find this out, I surveyed the traffic stats of 20 major political blogs — split evenly between left and right of center - and compared the number of page views from …

Liberal blog traffic up 18% from last week. Conservative blog traffic up 16%

traffic statsLiberal blogs saw an 18% increase in traffic this week compared to last week while conservative blogs saw an increase of 16%.

The survey of 10 liberal blogs and 10 conservative blogs found that liberal blogs experienced an increase of 1,634,933 page views this week and conservative blogs showed an increase of 1,761,430. The increase in part could be due to reported heavy internet traffic during the presidential inauguration.

For …