Is journalist burnout on the rise?

You’re a newspaper journalist. Your editor doesn’t care that your sources won’t call back, she needs that story by 10 p.m. You rarely get to see your kids before they go to bed because that government meeting you’re covering drags on until late at night. You file a story about a complicated issue and you just know the next day some expert is going to call in and point out …

44% of newspapers wouldn’t allow staff writers to blog during free time without prior approval

According to a survey I recently conducted, approximately 44% of newspaper editors and publishers wouldn’t allow their staff writers to maintain personal blogs without prior approval.

To complete the survey, I sent emails to editors and publishers of 250 newspapers — five for each state — containing this question:

Question: Would you allow your staff writers, without prior approval, to blog during their free time after work as long as

How much traffic will a prominent link on Huffington Post bring?

huffington post google trendsIn recent months, news aggregators like the Huffington Post have received heated criticism from some who believe they’re stealing valuable traffic and ad revenue from newspapers. Appeals court Judge Richard Posner recently wrote awidely-linked post arguing that copyright law should be changed in order to bar linking to websites and paraphrasing their content. Some newspapers execs argue that news aggregators simply repackage news so there’s little incentive to click …

The 50 most popular newspaper blogs

Every month, Editor and Publisher publishes a list of the most visited newspaper websites based on unique visitors. But while this gives you an idea of the overall traffic of a newspaper site, I was interested in diving in and determining the success each of these newspapers has had with the blogging medium. After all, the New York Times alone has more than 60 blogs, and most of the top …