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Thursday Media Breakdown

1. Mildly cute: What if Moses had Facebook

2. The Hackers Who Keep the Washington Post Newsroom Running

3. New York Times may have spent only $25 million rather than $45 million on its paywall

4. Should Congress be getting paid during a shutdown?

5. MediaBugs does the unthinkable task of getting Fox News to post a correction

6. Gawker traffic still suffering under redesign

7. Long video interview with Felix Salmon and Nick Denton

8. Mark Cuban criticizes sports media, but speaks mainly in generalizations, few specifics

9. Wall Street Journal says Arianna Huffington has completely dumped The AOL Way

10. Did Google really pay a mid-level employee $100 million not to move to Twitter?

11. New York Times general counsel to teach course in journalism law for bloggers

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Tuesday Media Breakdown

1. Grand Theft Attention: video games and the brain

2. MTV Announces Nominees For O Music Awards (client project)

3. GE and the power of iterative journalism

4. Antitrust investigation just over the horizon for Google

5. AOL dumping many of its freelancers, wants full-time employees who come into news room

6. Twitter reportedly considering offering brands Facebook-style pages

7. Twitter now suggests who to follow based on topics

8. HuffPo’s Blogs: the Stealth SEO Borg that No One Reads

9. Ira Glass Comes To DC To Argue Against NPR Bias

10. A great interview with Slate editor Dave Plotz

11. GOP Completely Fixes Economy By Canceling Funding For NPR

12. Stephen Colbert Is Prepared for the End of Glenn Beck

13. TechCrunch defends Huffington’s firing of freelancers, interesting to see almost none of its commenters agree

14. An argument that NPR is superior to PBS and so shouldn’t be lumped together with it

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Tuesday Media Breakdown

1. The New York Times profiles a Russian blogger who smokes out corruption

2. Snagging Robert Gibbs could pump up Facebook’s D.C. credentials

3. Obama a Socialist? Fox News Exec Said So, but Didn’t Believe It

4. N.Y. film institute giving out $50,000 – $100,000 grants to fund interactive storytelling

5. Former TBDer Jim Brady to join Journal Register Company

6. How did the New York Times manage to spend $40 million on its pay wall?

7. Amanda Hocking explains why she decided to go with a traditional publisher, says she knows she could lose money

8. Interesting April Fools project from Reddit

9. Twitter Account of the Day

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Monday Media Breakdown

1. Why I’ve been really enjoying the Breitbart and Huffington shit show

2. What do social media platforms owe to foreign political activists?

3. An infographic on how people Tweet

4. Mashable has a fascinating look into how much traffic Facebook and Twitter sends to its articles

5. Another interesting look into Mashable’s success on Twitter

6. An idea for how the New York Times should revamp its op ed pages

7. Was NPR’s Wait, Wait acting in bad taste for making jokes about Michelle Malkin?

8. The power of…listicles? Yahoo Research tackles distribution and longevity data for Twitter

10. The Groupon Backlash: It’s the Business Model, Stupid

11. Kindle readers of The New York Times to get free access to the newspaper’s Web site

12. Washington Post hiring a VP of technology

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Thursday Media Breakdown

1. AOL Folds 30 Brands, Including Politics Daily

2. Starbucks Boosts Wi-Fi Network With ESPN, Marvel Comics & The Economist

3. Bloomberg: Personalizing the News for 20 Million People

4. The newsonomics of Sunday paper/tablet subscriptions

5. McClatchy, a Groupon Partner, Starts Selling Its Own Daily Deals, Too

6. Surveys find most listeners of NPR are conservative

7. Director of Research at Google on six questions you should be asking to maximize your return on search advertising.

8. Hal Varian, Chief Economist at Google, sinks his teeth into data obesity and how to treat it

9. After convincing the government to publish over 5,000 datasets, Nigel Shadbolt is turning his attention to the business world

10. An interesting comments exchange between a Wired writer and Jay Rosen

11. Think Quarterly: Google Launches Its Own Online Magazine

12. Media Matters has 86 staffers

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Tuesday Media Breakdown

1. A pretty innovative way to target journalists by region

2. January a major turning point for ebooks

3. A great interview with the kid who fought back against his bully

4. LinkedIn Blows Past 100 Million [INFOGRAPHIC]

5. Interesting that press release announcing hiring of Ginni Thomas to the Daily Caller doesn’t mention Clarence Thomas

6. The Google iceberg

7. A bunch of statistics on the ratio of men vs women on major internet sites

8. New video promoting the launch of Firefox 4

9. How CNN’s iReport enhanced the network’s coverage of the Japan earthquake and its aftermath

10. NY Times Asks Twitter to Shut Down Paywall Dodgers

11. Mock Rebecca Black All You Want, She’s Laughing To The Bank

12. Mad Men being held up because of negotiation gridlock

13. Why would Amanda Hocking be courting traditional publishers when she makes so much more money self-publishing?

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New video promoting the launch of Firefox 4

JESS3, the agency where I work, collaborated with the Mozilla Foundation to create a Firefox 4 promo:

Firefox 4 Introduction Video from JESS3 on Vimeo.

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