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How an open source products amasses millions of users with very little publicity

For my latest article on The Next Web, I interviewed Ryan Ozimek, who oversees Joomla, about how the open source CMS amassed 23 million users:

Ozimek, president of the nonprofit that oversees Joomla, the product in question, told me that nonprofits often have less incentive to publicize such milestones. “Joomla isn’t a corporate enterprise,” he explained. “Joomla is made by developers around the world freely giving their time to something they’re passionate about and is managed and run by a leadership team and a nonprofit organization that doesn’t really have any financial stake in the game.

“They’re just doing it because they love it and they want to volunteer for it. So our efforts for marketing are going to be quite different from those venture-backed companies that have people that have invested millions of dollars who want to double or triple that investment. The investment in the Joomla world is of people’s time and passion. Not necessarily their money.”

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Tuesday Media Breakdown

1. Facebook announces new group sharing service with ‘Send’ button

2. Google Blogsearch is almost completely unusable because of spam blogs. I’m surprised no tech writers have been criticizing Google for this.

3. Can YouTube compete with Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon?

4. Google introduces Background Send to Gmail

5. The global broadband adoption at the end of 2010 was about 61 percent

6. Keith Olbermann says his new Current TV show will have “significant web presence”

7. Slate rethinks aggregation (again) with a Slatest redesign

8. Ira Glass’ advice on the creative process

9. Walgreens Corrects Fox & Friends: We Don’t Offer Pap Smears

10. Nobody’s Going To the ‘Atlas Shrugged’ Movie

11. Can you use dynamic pricing for selling movie tickets?

12. Friendster is shutting down its users’ profiles, deleting all its content

13. Not to be outdone, News Corp put Myspace for sale

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Tuesday Media Breakdown

1. How Google News is integrating the social web

2. New York Times paywall even easier to bypass than previously thought

3. CNN App launches for Android phones

4. Gay rights activists admit Facebook did not censor protest on site

5. Reading this list, one can only conclude that women hate Apple

6. How to Optimize Your Brand’s Facebook Page For Search Engines

7. Fuck Yeah We’re Turning Yahoo Around, Says CEO Carol Bartz

8. HBGary’s open letter: full of denials that don’t hold water

9. 72% of iPad users do not own an iPhone

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Friday Media Breakdown

1. Facebook hires Mashable’s Vadim Lavrusik as journalist program manager aiming to “friend” news media

2. Wired seeing 20,000 – 30,000 downloads a month of its paid iPad issues. So $1.5 million in annual revenue?

3. Legally, the Huffington Post is no different from Facebook

4. Blogging for HuffPo Is Like Writing Open-Source Code

5. OMG! Guy Suing HuffPo for Not Paying Bloggers Doesn’t Pay Bloggers . Managed to pay himself $47,000 for doing nothing.

6. Who are the top 10 advertisers on Google and how much do they spend?

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Wednesday Media Breakdown

1. John Scalzi breaks down his writing income for 2010

2. The rise of Kindle ebook fraud

3. The Hollywood Reporter’s web traffic is beating out Deadline’s

4. JESS3′s Leslie Bradshaw makes the Wall Street Journal’s “Tech’s Top Women Under 30″

5. Dennis Kucinich: “My experience dealing with the Department of Defense regarding Pfc. Manning has been Kafkaesque”

6. Traditional media’s refusal to enter the link economy

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Monday Media Breakdown

1. Who would be hurt more by the elimination of funding for public broadcasting? PBS or NPR?

2. The Guardian’s “Comment is free” section is modeled on the Huffington Post

3. Tosh.0 sometimes gets 4.7 million viewers?

4. How Larry Page is reorganizing Google

5. Facebook reportedly strikes deal to set up Chinese service

6. The New Yorker allows Facebook fans access to its paywall content

7. Add A Facebook Like Button To Your Google Search Results With Google +Like

8. Steve Jobs authorized biography coming in 2012

9. A new redesign at Forbes?

10. Politifact fact-checks Michael Moore

11. None of these people realizes that this dude just copy and pasted the first page of Infinite Jest

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Friday Media Breakdown

1. Should newspapers give reporters access to their traffic stats?

2. Google is pushing hard into the social space, supposedly tying bonuses to its success

3. An interview with the guy who edited David Foster Wallace’s posthumous unfinished novel

4. YouTube is going LIVE

5. @TheAtlanticTech is looking for an associate editor


7. The Internet meme that won’t die

8. Google Backs German Solar Farm

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