The Sideways offensive: Will Merlot sales ever recover?

The scene lasts no longer than a few moments.

Thomas Haden Church’s character, frustrated and looking to get laid, tells Paul Giamatti’s character that if the two women they’re about to meet want to drink Merlot, they’re all drinking Merlot. “No, if anyone orders Merlot, I’m leaving,” Giamatti responds. “I am not drinking any fucking Merlot!”

The scene is humorous but fleeting, yet after the movie Sideways was met with …

Interview with Brian Flemming, director of The God Who Wasn’t There

brian flemming director

Brian Flemming is a film director, a playwright, and an outspoken atheist. In 2005, he released the controversial documentary, The God Who Wasn’t There, a film not just arguing that Jesus wasn’t God, but that Jesus the man never existed at all. He’s also the creator of the faux documentary, Nothing So Strange,and the musical, Bat Boy.

Last year, Flemming developed the Blasphemy Challenge, which called …

PETA criticizes The Dark Knight for its treatment of animals

You can harm dozens of innocent bystanders but don’t lay a finger on a dog

bat dogNearly every Batman movie, comic book, and television show includes the obligatory references to bats. Directors can be forgiven if they dwell on the flying rodents, either in a literal sense (by giving them regular appearances in caves and flashbacks) or figuratively (personifying their traits and applying them to Bruce Wayne). But in the most …