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Craigslist ad of the day

$105 Unique offer for a unique woman (East Village):

Many of you who read this ad are going to find it very offensive. Please
understand that while this offer might not work for you, there are people out there in this world that have different levels of comfort with certain ideas
that might be offensive to the majority of the population.

I got this idea from an article in Time Out New York that I read a while ago. I live in a 2 bedroom apartment that I inherited and now own. I live alone in the East Village, and have an empty bedroom and a lot of space. I am offering the empty room w/private bathroom for only $105 a month. Here is the catch…of
course there is a catch. I’m a white late 20′s guy that works in finance. I work A LOT and therefore my social life has become nonexistent. So, I want to add a little bit of excitement to my life. I would like to rent the room to a woman between the age of 18-27.

You should be a free spirited, liberal minded person who is very open minded. I would like you to be a slim attractive girl who is OK with occasionally walking around or hanging out in her underwear < ---yes...that would be the slightly crazy part.

I would never ask you to strip or do anything at all. You must be someone who
occasionally walks around like that and is ok with me being around when you do. I know this is a strange arrangement, but like I said earlier, I am trying to add some exitement to my life:) I am not looking for anything to develop into a relationship, or to have you start acting like a girlfriend. If you are interested, send me an email so I can discuss it further with you. There is no sexual contact or anything involved. I WOULD NEED THE ARRANGEMENT TO BE 100% CONFIDENTIAL. I know that it makes no sense to put my pic on here if I want it to be confidential, but I figured it was a necessary risk to take if I wanted solid responses. If you are interested please send me your pic. It does not have to be a provocative pic. But a body pic would help.

The apartment is huge-near St Marks. The kitchen is big...very bright living area. The room for rent is very big too AND HAS ITS OWN BATHROOM. PLEASE do NOT
respond by saying "WHY WOULD A GUY AS GOOD LOOKING AS YOU WANT TO DO SOMETHING LIKE THIS". We all have our reasons.....Thanks

The perils of Craigslist

I should do a follow-up to my “Your chances of getting laid on Craigslist” post with one that measures your chances of getting shot on Craigslist.

Craigslist as an artform

Anyone who has read this blog for awhile knows that I don’t hold a high opinion of Craigslist and the efficacy of its ads; because of the low barrier for entry it is diluted with sub-par, inadequate posts and Craigslist’s “flag this post” feature isn’t effective enough at pushing the good content to the top. The end result is that the quality postings often get lost in the noise (this is why I don’t think it will ever completely replace paid classified advertising).

That being said, it’s always interesting when people take that low barrier for entry (read: free) and create their own form of artistic literature out of it. Hence we get posts like these. It almost makes you forget that Craigslist plays host for the most bottom-of-the-barrel troglodyte posters on the internet.

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