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Craigslist post of the day

New Moon midnight showing – m4w – 27 (Fargo, ND)

i sat behind you at he midnight showing of New Moon last night. Me: medium height, dark hair, long nails, mysterious. You: straight long blond hair, full ruby lips, you were wearing black cargo pants and a twilight hoodie. as your hair draped down behind your seat i just has to hold it and smell it deeply(pantene. great choice). i dont remember much ov the movie but i will always remember the smell and texture of your hair. the way you sound when you whisper and laugh. after the movie i followed you and your friend to perkin’s. i waited outside in my car so i could watch you eat and smile. i followed you home and made sure you got there safely.i noticed you left you car unlocked so i went to have a look into your life. i can tell by looking in your car that we have a lot in common. if you want your dash ornaments back you will have to meet me and we can have a great time getting to know each other. “grin”

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How Craigslist continues to thrive

Wired has a great feature piece on Craig Newmark and his inexplicably dominant Craigslist. The piece is a character study, trying to understand the philosophical world view that would allow such a site that is so antithetical to the normal rules of business and customer service to exist.

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The bizarre ways in which Craigslist will get you laid

WANTED: 2 ‘I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell’ Tickets for Proposal!! – $500 (Landmark-Varsity Theatre)

I’m really hoping that someone can help me out– I really need two tickets to the screening for I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell for me and my girlfriend, because Tucker will be there. My Girlfriend has always had this fantasy about sleeping with Tucker Max, which I think would be the coolest thing ever. I’m hoping to surprise her with the tickets, allow her to complete her fantasy, and then propose to her later. Please help me get married to the love of my life and fulfill both of our dreams!

PS– I can’t actually pay 500$, but I will pay above cost. I know someone has to not be able to go– please help!

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The perils of predicting the profitability of internet companies

You get squabbles over whether Craigslist will bring in $100 million or $300 million this year. You get debates over whether Facebook is, in fact, profitable. And you even have wildly different estimations, some of which claim that YouTube is losing massive amounts of money while others estimate that it’s actually pulling in a profit.

YouTube is much closer to breaking even than widely thought, says a firm with intimate knowledge of global infrastructure costs. A widely publicized Credit Suisse report that said Google would lose $470 million on the site this year neglected to account for factors such as peering traffic, wholesale bandwidth deals and cheap data center locations. Where the bank said YouTube’s costs will amount to $711 million in 2009, RampRate, a San Francisco-based company that advises large companies on IT infrastructure, says the actual cost is $415 million

Weird Al’s song on Craigslist

Craigslist post of the day


we r in the process of opening a private membership topless barber shop in hartford, we are looking for lady barbers and a receptionist, who has no problem working topless, will give out more info ater the applicants request more info and send a pic.

Craigslist post of the day

Be My Friend on Facebook – 24 (Brooklyn)

Hello! I’m a 24 SWF and I’m looking to add some friends on facebook.

Here are the criteria:

1) You must have a facebook account.
2) You must be my friend without ever meeting me. I think it’s kinda weird to meet people from over the internet IRL, so I’d much rather just talk to you over AIM or email or something.
3) You must be okay with me sacrificing your facebook friendship for a Whopper. (see link: )

Thanks for your interest!

So Good, the blog linked in that post, is run by my coworker, Jon Eick.

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