Blog traffic for liberal blogs down 58% in three months following election. Conservative blogs down 36%

traffic statsIn the three months following the November 08 election, political blog traffic has dropped significantly. I surveyed the traffic stats of 20 major political blogs — split evenly between liberal and conservative — and compared the number of page views for the three months leading up to the election to the three months after. In that time period liberal blogs dropped from 302,711,611 total page views to 126,502,281 (58%) while conservative sites dropped from 233,950,986 to 149,744,909 (36%).

Of all the blogs I surveyed, Instapundit experienced the smallest drop, with only 5% less page views. Mydd experienced the sharpest drop (65%) and Daily Kos, Andrew Sullivan, and Hugh Hewitt all saw a decrease of more than 60% of their page views during this time period.

For consistency, only blogs that openly displayed their traffic statistics through Sitemeter were surveyed. The number of page views does not represent the number of unique visitors to a site, but rather the number of times a page was loaded.

Complete traffic stats are after the jump.


New: 76,268,895
old: 211,244,360
Decrease: 134,975,465 (63%)

new: 16,292,157
old: 28,439,006
Decrease: 12,146,849 (43%)

New: 8,025,084
Old: 11,408,589
Decrease: 3,383,505 (30%)

New: 6,834,228
Old: 11,480,962
Decrease: 4,646,734 (40%)

New: 5,196,020
Old: 12,347,124
Decrease: 7,151,104 (58%)

New: 4,835,797
Old: 8,161,259
Decrease: 3,325,462 (41%)

New: 2,468,547
Old: 7,145,538
Decrease: 4,676,991 (65%)

New: 2,575,043
Old: 4,510,744
Decrease: 1,935,701 (43%)

New: 2,384,529
Old: 5,820,086
Decrease: 3,435,557 (59%)

New: 1,621,981
Old: 2,153,943
Decrease: 531,962 (25%)

Old: 302,711,611
Decrease: 176,209,330 (58%)


New: 48,271,070
Old: 66,587,571
Decrease: 18,316,501 (28%)

New: 30,795,827
Old: 32,518,859
Decrease: 1,723,032 (5%)

New: 19,952,779
Old: 56, 090,758
Decrease: 36,137,979 (64%)

New: 27,077,743
Old: 39,904,153
Decrease: 12,826,410 (32%)

New: 7,206,931
Old: 10,616,178
Decrease: 3,409,247 (32%)

New: 5,683,851
Old: 10,190,576
Decrease: 4,506,725 (44%)

New: 3,740,752
Old: 4,991,789
Decrease: 1,251,037 (25%)

New: 3,187,162
Old: 3,914,509
Decrease: 727,347 (19%)

New: 2,586,614
Old: 7,015,396
Decrease: 4,428,782 (63%)

New: 1,242,180
Old: 2,121,197
Decrease: 879,017 (41%)

New: 149,744,909
Old: 233,950,986
Decrease: 84,206,077 (36%


  1. Thomas Says:

    What do you think this means for liberal blogs, Simon? Will they not have the pull over Obama that they think they will?

  2. Cam Winston Says:

    Andrew Sullivan belongs under “conservative” blogs like Phyllis Diller belongs under “beauty” blogs. Come on, the guy’s further left than quite a few elected Dem senators.

  3. agesilaus Says:

    No conservative would ever claim Sullivan as a fellow conservative.

  4. Erik Sherman Says:

    I’m not sure there is a lot of significance in the difference. Given how the election seemed to be going, I’m sure there was an increased run up of traffic on the left-leaning boards and probably a drop in the right-leaning because of perceived potential winning/losing. If you think your side is going to be on top, you’re more likely energized and active. What we’re seeing now is, I’m guessing, a more “normal” level.

  5. Marcus Brown Says:

    I think a more telling comparison would be between a three month period following the 2006 election, for example, and this most recent post-election period. I don’t think we should be surprised that in the wake of the election, blog traffic to political blogs has dipped. It would be more interesting to see if it’s dipped more than it has in the past. Is there an election fatigue factor in play?

  6. Peta4ever Says:

    It is down because everyone is busy storing food preparing for the results of Obama’s policies.

  7. BuelahMan Says:


    Thanks for the head’s up at my place. I have added you to my RSS feeds (glad you introduced yourself).

    I have a theory about this situation that actually melds quite well with what is happening at my blog.

    I doubt that any known “conservative” or “liberal” would claim me as theirs. These ideologies are such a mishmash that they are really truly descriptive anymore.

    I don’t fit the two party paradigm and methinks that many Americans are waking up to this very basic issue… the two parties are really no different, especially on the subject matters of importance.

    Barack Obama voted lockstep with virtually every conservative issue up thru 2007 (and until he stepped down to take the reigns as POTUS). He just didn’t vote very often in 2008, in comparison.

    Truly, name me a case regarding military, illegal wiretapping, Patriot Act, etc, etc, etc where he is one bit different than his predecessor or his POTUS competition, John McInsane.

    The little differences are those that keep the American publics’ eye off the real issues.

    Iraq War promises. Bullshit.

    More Afghan “warriors” and now moving on Pakistan and perhaps Iran (or maybe even Russia).

    Banker’s bailout… lockstep.

    Hell, name something that the man has NOT lied about. (And may the sheople say, “Amen”?)

    My theory is that many Americans are realizing this phenomena and the only real reason is that we are all suffering (or beginning to) from this bogus financial situation.

    The hits at my site have gone up (I averaged less than 400/day and now am over 800).

    Nothing to brag about (and that isn’t my point). There might be 800 accidental link hits for all I know (at least you read there, so make it 799).

    The point is that there are many people who see it and are now looking for an alternative. The Two Party System is a sham and is controlled by the ruling elite. It is no coincidence who is elected in this country and it has very little to do with the American public (except for those so easily brainwashed into believing in that system). They do so to a point that they are so emotionally invested, they are unwilling to see the lies and obfuscation from their “Savior”, Mr Obama.

    You have a great blog here. Keep up the good work, and again, thanks for the head’s up.

  8. BuelahMan Says:

    I doubt that any known “conservative” or “liberal” would claim me as theirs. These ideologies are such a mishmash that they are really truly descriptive anymore.

    Should have read, “aren’t” really truly descriptive…

  9. Kay B. Day Says:

    It may have to do with readers in other countries–during primary season and leading up to the election, I had a sizable amount of traffic from other countries. That really fell off.

    My stats of course are nowher near those listed here.

    Hey, Simon.
    Hey, Erik.

    best, kday

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