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Mike Arrington sued by former TechCrunch contributor

Sam Sethi: The Lawsuit

Many of you know all about Sam Sethi, the former TechCrunch writer who left after a disagreement and then went on to create BlogNation. Two days ago Sethi filed a lawsuit against us for libel and other issues. As we always do, we’re posting the litigation threats and will continue to fight the litigation publicly. See our previous posts involving YouTube, Marvel, Rivals, Mediascrape EarthComber and Richard Figueroa.

I don’t need to go into much additional background here. My post from late 2007 gives the complete history of this guy and what he has done. Our response letter, posted below, goes into a lot more detail to back up statements we’ve made.

There are also recent developments not covered in the old posts or these letters below. First, Sethi has been sued by former employee Oliver Starr for unpaid wages, and that case is ongoing. Second, Sethi has admitted that in November 2006 he was barred from being a director or manager of of any company for eight years following the order. He was subject to criminal prosecution and would be personally responsible for debts of a company if he contravened the order. Sethi now says he had the order overturned, which may or may not be true. We’re trying to track down the facts that led to the order – whatever they are, they can’t be pretty.

Needless to say, we think these claims have no merit, otherwise we would not have written the posts in the first place, or would have retracted.

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The WSJ’s Twitter feed reveals Bernie Madoff’s true sentencing

This screen grab comes via Mike Riggs

bernie madoff wsj twitter

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Power Diggers react to Digg’s launch of Diggable ads

About a month ago Digg announced that it would eventually launch ads into its news stream that users could Digg or bury. The new system would theoretically push advertisers to tailor their ads more to the Digg audience, which would effectively increase the efficacy for all parties. So after speaking to a Digg representative, I reached out to several of the site’s power users for a PBS article on whether the community would really accept this kind of advertising.

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Colbert on Jeff Goldblum’s Twitter death

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Jeff Goldblum Will Be Missed
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CNN embarrassed to be grabbing quotes from Twitter?

Twitter-Addled CNN Refers to Tweets as a ‘Source’

Everyone’s coverage of the uprising in Iran has been Twitter-centric, for obvious reasons. But CNN, in an apparent attempt to look like they have real, non-Twitter newsgathering capabilities, has been regurgitating Twitter posts and attributing them to unnamed “sources.”

Michael van Poppel of BNO News caught CNN grabbing the posts of a user called PersianKiwi—one of the more prominent of the Iranian Twitterers—and inserting them into the mouths of sources in this online piece from last week.

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The Pepsi Facebook Challenge

coke pepsi facebook

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How are online-only newspapers doing?

Business Insider checked the traffic stats of 11 newspapers that closed their printing presses, fired most their staff, and went to online only publications. Using data, it found that most of the online traffic to these sites has remained flat or declined.

Perhaps this isn’t entirely unexpected. When you fire a many of your writers you’ll have less content, the idea being that you’ll have a much leaner ship that you need to sustain. The question is whether the sites can generate enough revenue to justify the firing of the writers.

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