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2008 Draft picks

The cool thing about election seasons is the fact that during every one the web plucks out a few extraordinary individuals who have used innovation and intelligence to rise above the Web 2.0. noise and become citizen journalist superstars. One such example has been Mayhill Fowler, the unpaid Huffington Post blogger who has managed to break two major campaign stories this year armed with little more than a tape recorder.

Another big winner to emerge from this election is Nate Silver, the statistician behind The Chicago Tribune has a profile of his rags to riches story over here.

Drudge publishes misleading headline

Here’s the major ALL BOLD headline from Drudge today, linking to a Chicago Public Radio interview that was conducted with Obama back in 2001:

drudge headline obama

If you actually listen to the interview, we have this quote from Obama in it:

“Maybe I am showing my bias here as a legislator as well as a law professor, but you know, I am not optimistic about bringing about major redistributive change through the courts,”

Nice try Drudge, keep digging.

The Huffington Post is not a blog

Let’s get something straight here. The Huffington Post is not a blog, and shouldn’t be called one. And it shouldn’t be compared to other individual blogs. It is a blogging platform, a Web 2.0 device much more similar to Blogspot, Livejournal and Typepad than Boing Boing, TechCrunch or Gizmodo. It is a collection of thousands of bloggers, and in that sense does not deserve to be perched atop Technorati’s Top 100 unless an individual blog within Huffington Post were able to amass more links than Boing Boing, TechCrunch or Gizmodo.

In that vein, comparing its traffic numbers to places like Drudge and individual blogs is unfair. In most aspects, the two aren’t equatable. Drudge is a singular person who sometimes uses one or two hired helpers. In terms of per capita traffic, Drudge still outperforms Huffington. Hell, in terms of per capita, Instapundit still outperforms it.

Want to put Huffington Post in perspective? Then compare its numbers to places like The New York Times, Blogspot, Livejournal and other platforms that utilize thousands of writers. But then in that case journalists would have to stop pretending like Arianna Huffington is the new goddess of the internet.

The most pressing presidential issue

xkcd president

from xkcd

Ann Althouse is such an eloquent writer

Ann Althouse shows what a law degree and the most eloquent prose on the right side of the blogosphere can do when laying the rhetorical smackdown on The New Yorker’s elite George Packer:

Look in a mirror, man. Look in a damn mirror, loser.

Look out James Wolcott, you have competition.

I mean, how dare he call her on her bullshit post claiming that Obama was wearing an earpiece during the debates?

Another oh-so-concise quote from Ann in her own comments section: ‘”Yes, you’re a shithead too, Swift, but thanks for the tip. Are you saying Packer didn’t bother to read the original source, that he just poached off your lame-ass post?”

Bonus quote from Ann: “Packer, I demand an abject confession of your self-isolation and rancidity.”

Bonus headline from Ann: “I got so mad at George Packer last night.”

Left of center blogs continue to dominate in terms of web traffic

I’ve done a number of studies over the past year about political blog readership. Predictably, political blog traffic has been on the uprise during this election year, but, as always, liberal blogs still far outperform their conservative counterparts.

Mixed Media has some updated statistics on the traffic, including the fact that Huffington Post appears to still be outperforming drudge. Also, it looks like Daily Kos now has half the traffic of Drudge. He’s losing his perch.

More on conservative blogger “investigative journalism”

A few days ago I published the seven things you’d believe about Obama if you only read right wing blogs. The modest conservative blogger Jon Swift has compiled a detailed account of all the various “investigations” that the right wing blogosphere has conducted to expose the real Obama.

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