How my team at JESS3 drove 200,000 views to one of its videos

Over at JESS3, the creative design agency I work for, I describe how I secured over 100 embeds and thousands of tweets and Facebook shares for a single video:

On January 17 we released both a YouTube version and Vimeo version of the video, and JESS3’s PR team immediately went to work promoting the video to journalists, bloggers and social media users. Using our micro-targeting techniques, we first focused on tech writers who had already written about the coming anniversary. Within the first few hours after releasing The State of Wikipedia, TechCrunch — arguably one of the most influential blogs covering the tech sphere — had embedded it and covered it.

Not long afterward, Mashable — the most widely read social media blog — had written about it as well. Combined, the TechCrunch and Mashable posts alone generated over 2,000 retweets and 500 Facebook shares. ReadWriteWeb also covered the video.

After this initial success we began fanning out and pitching other communities. We successfully pitched dozens of design, advertising and animation blogs, getting hitafter hit after hit. We then moved into the long tail, pitching smaller blogs and Wikipedia enthusiasts who had influential audiences.